Biostatistiques - données longitudinales - essais adaptatifs - méta-analyses
Résumé de l'activité

Xavier Paoletti is a senior statistician at Gustave Roussy Cancer Center, in Villejuif, France; he is also a member of the research INSERM OncoStat unit dedicated to the development of statistical methods for clinical trials integrating biomarkers. After a phd on early phase clinical trials under the supervision of John O’Quigley, Xavier had several positions at the EORTC, at Bichat university hospital then at the French NCI and finally in two leading cancer centers, Institut Curie and Gustave Roussy. His main interests are in the methods for dose finding trials, the designs of trials evaluating personalized medicine such as the SHIVA or Esmart trials and the validation of surrogate endpoints. He chairs a French HUB for methods in phase I trials supported by the French NCI. He is the coordinator with Koji Oba of the GASTRIC collaboration for performing meta-analyses in gastric cancers and the coordinator of the gynecology cancer inter group (GCIG) meta-analysis with Dr Ros Glasspool.

Organisme d'appartenance

Institut Gustave Roussy

Directeur de recherche
01 42 11 65 64

Gustave Roussy, B2M, Villejuif


Phase I–II trial designs: how early should efficacy guide the dose recommendation process?. Paoletti, X; Postel-Vinay, S. Annals of Oncology. 2018; 540-541: p.540-541. doi:10.1093/annonc/mdy044
Repeated measures dose-finding design with time-trend detection in the presence of correlated toxicity data. Yin, Jun; Paoletti, Xavier; Sargent, Daniel J; Mandrekar, Sumithra J. Clinical Trials. 2017; 611-620: p.611-620. doi:10.1177/1740774517723829