Pédopsychiatrie - Epidémiologie - Dépression
Résumé de l'activité

Catherine Jousselme is Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Paris-Saclay University. Knight of the Order of Merit, since 2001, she has been Head of Department of the Vallée Foundation in Gentilly, a hospital centre dedicated to child psychiatry. The care offered is multidimensional, based on integrative care including the maximum of current scientific advances (neurosciences, epigenetics, neurocognitive approaches, etc.) while maintaining a psychodynamic vision of working with children and their families. She is also head of the teaching-research unit of her department, in connection with the CESP, where she is developing numerous research projects as the experience of parents of sick children and the experience of bereaved families in neonatal resuscitation

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Univ. Paris Saclay

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