Publications pour l'équipe Épidémiologie des radiations

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Risk of subsequent colorectal cancers after a solid tumor in childhood: Effects of radiation therapy and chemotherapy journalArticle 2019 Allodji, Rodrigue S.; Haddy, Nadia; Vu-Bezin, Giao; Dumas, Agnès; Fresneau, Brice; Mansouri, Imene; Demoor-Goldschmidt, Charlotte; El-Fayech, Chiraz; Pacquement, Hélène; Munzer, Martine; Bondiau, Pierre-Yves; Berchery, Delphine; Oberlin, Odile; Rubino, Carole; Diallo, Ibrahima; de Vathaire, Florent
A French national breast and thyroid cancer screening programme for survivors of childhood, adolescent and young adult (CAYA) cancers - DeNaCaPST programme journalArticle 2017 Demoor-Goldschmidt, Charlotte; Drui, Delphine; Doutriaux, Isabelle; Michel, Gérard; Auquier, Pascal; Dumas, Agnès; Berger, Claire; Bernier, Valérie; Bohrer, Sandrine; Bondiau, Pierre-Yves; Filhon, Bruno; Fresneau, Brice; Freycon, Claire; Stefan, Dinu; Helfre, Sylvie; Jackson, Angela; Kerr, Christine; Laprie, Anne; Leseur, Julie; Mahé, Marc-André; Oudot, Caroline; Pluchard, Claire; Proust, Stéphanie; Sudour-Bonnange, Hélène; Vigneron, Céline; Lassau, Nathalie; Schlumberger, Martin; Conter, Cécile Faure; de Vathaire, Florent
Main clinical, therapeutic and technical factors related to patient's maximum skin dose in interventional cardiology procedures journalArticle 2012 Journy, N.; Sinno-Tellier, S.; Maccia, C.; Le Tertre, A.; Pirard, P.; Pagès, P.; Eilstein, D.; Donadieu, J.; Bar, O.
Can We Spare the Pancreas and Other Abdominal Organs at Risk? A Comparison of Conformal Radiotherapy, Helical Tomotherapy and Proton Beam Therapy in Pediatric Irradiation journalArticle 2016 Jouglar, Emmanuel; Wagner, Antoine; Delpon, Grégory; Campion, Loïc; Meingan, Philippe; Bernier, Valérie; Demoor-Goldschmidt, Charlotte; Mahé, Marc-André; Lacornerie, Thomas; Supiot, Stéphane
Environmental, lifestyle, and anthropometric risk factors for differentiated thyroid cancer in cuba: a case-control study journalArticle 2014 Lence-Anta, Juan J.; Xhaard, Constance; Ortiz, Rosa M.; Kassim, Haoiinda; Pereda, Celia M.; Turcios, Silvia; Velasco, Milagros; Chappe, Mae; Infante, Idalmis; Bustillo, Marlene; García, Anabel; Clero, Enora; Maillard, Stephane; Salazar, Sirced; Rodriguez, Regla; de Vathaire, Florent
Trends in tobacco-attributable mortality in France journalArticle 2015 Ribassin-Majed, L.; Hill, C.
The role of irradiated heart and left ventricular volumes in heart failure occurrence after childhood cancer journalArticle 2018 Mansouri, Imène; Allodji, Rodrigue S.; Hill, Catherine; El-Fayech, Chiraz; Pein, François; Diallo, Stéphanie; Schwartz, Boris; Vu-Bezin, Giao; Veres, Cristina; Souchard, Vincent; Dumas, Agnès; Bolle, Stéphanie; Thomas-Teinturier, Cécile; Pacquement, Hélène; Munzer, Martine; Bondiau, Pierre-Yves; Berchery, Delphine; Fresneau, Brice; Oberlin, Odile; Diallo, Ibrahima; De Vathaire, Florent; Haddy, Nadia
Effect of radiotherapy after mastectomy and axillary surgery on 10-year recurrence and 20-year breast cancer mortality: meta-analysis of individual patient data for 8135 women in 22 randomised trials journalArticle 2014 Ebctcg; McGale, P.; Taylor, C.; Correa, C.; Cutter, D.; Duane, F.; Ewertz, M.; Gray, R.; Mannu, G.; Peto, R.; Whelan, T.; Wang, Y.; Wang, Z.; Darby, S.
Relationship between the brain radiation dose for the treatment of childhood cancer and the risk of long-term cerebrovascular mortality journalArticle 2011 Haddy, Nadia; Mousannif, Abdeddahir; Tukenova, Markhaba; Guibout, Catherine; Grill, Jacques; Dhermain, Frédéric; Pacquement, Hélène; Oberlin, Odile; El-Fayech, Chiraz; Rubino, Carole; Thomas-Teinturier, Cécile; Le-Deley, Marie-Cécile; Hawkins, Mike; Winter, Dave; Chavaudra, Jean; Diallo, Ibrahima; de Vathaire, Florent
Estimating the number of sudden cardiac deaths attributable to the use of domperidone in France journalArticle 2015 Hill, C.; Nicot, P.; Piette, C.; Le Gleut, K.; Durand, G.; Toussaint, B.
Non-Essential Trace Elements Dietary Exposure in French Polynesia: Intake Assessment, Nail Bio Monitoring and Thyroid Cancer Risk journalArticle 2019 Zidane, Monia; Ren, Yen; Xhaard, Constance; Leufroy, Axelle; Côte, Suzanne; Dewailly, Eric; Noël, Laurent; Guérin, Thierry; Bouisset, Patrick; Bernagout, Solène; Paaoafaite, John; Iltis, Jacques; Taquet, Marc; Suhas, Eric; Rachédi, Frédérique; Boissin, Jean Louis; Sebbag, Joseph; Shan, Larrys; Bost-Bezeaud, Frédérique; Petitdidier, Patrice; Rubino, Carole; Gardon, Jacques; de Vathaire, Florent
Retrospective cohort study and biobanking of patients treated for hemangioma in childhood - telomeres as biomarker of aging and radiation exposure journalArticle 2017 Frenzel, Monika; Ricoul, Michelle; Benadjaoud, Mohamed Amine; Bellamy, Marion; Lenain, Aude; Haddy, Nadia; Diallo, Ibrahima; Mateus, Christine; de Vathaire, Florent; Sabatier, Laure
Paediatric dysgerminoma: Results of three consecutive French germ cell tumours clinical studies (TGM-85/90/95) with late effects study journalArticle 2018 Duhil de Bénazé, Gwénaëlle; Pacquement, Hélène; Faure-Conter, Cécile; Patte, Catherine; Orbach, Daniel; Corradini, Nadège; Berger, Claire; Sudour-Bonnange, Hélène; Vérité, Cécile; Martelli, Hélène; Fresneau, Brice
[Thyroid cancer following exposure to ionising radiation] journalArticle 2011 Schlumberger, M.; Chevillard, S.; Ory, K.; Dupuy, C.; Le Guen, B.; de Vathaire, F.
Are dietary reports in a case-control study on thyroid cancer biased by risk perception of Chernobyl fallout? journalArticle 2017 Xhaard, C.; Dumas, A.; Souchard, V.; Ren, Y.; Borson-Chazot, F.; Sassolas, G.; Schvartz, C.; Colonna, M.; Lacour, B.; Wonoroff, A. S.; Velten, M.; Clero, E.; Maillard, S.; Marrer, E.; Bailly, L.; Mariné Barjoan, E.; Schlumberger, M.; Orgiazzi, J.; Adjadj, E.; Rubino, C.; Bouville, A.; Drozdovitch, V.; de Vathaire, F.
Improving participation in colorectal cancer screening: targets for action journalArticle 2012 Le Breton, Julien; Journy, Neige; Attali, Claude; Le Corvoisier, Philippe; Brixi, Zahida; Bastuji-Garin, Sylvie; Chevreul, Karine
Respiratory-gated bilateral pulmonary radiotherapy for Ewing's sarcoma and nephroblastoma in children and young adults: Dosimetric and clinical feasibility studies journalArticle 2017 Demoor-Goldschmidt, C.; Chiavassa, S.; Josset, S.; Mahé, M.-A.; Supiot, S.
Field size dependent mapping of medical linear accelerator radiation leakage journalArticle 2015 Bezin, Jérémi Vũ; Veres, Attila; Lefkopoulos, Dimitri; Chavaudra, Jean; Deutsch, Eric; de Vathaire, Florent; Diallo, Ibrahima
Is alpha-fetoprotein decline a prognostic factor of childhood non-seminomatous germ cell tumours? Results of the French TGM95 study journalArticle 2018 Fresneau, B.; Orbach, D.; Faure-Conter, C.; Sudour-Bonnange, H.; Vérité, C.; Gandemer, V.; Pasquet, M.; Fasola, S.; Rome, A.; Raimbault, S.; Martelli, H.; Frappaz, D.; Le Teuff, G.; Patte, C.
[Treatment-related cardiotoxicity in childhood cancer survivors: Risk factors and follow-up] journalArticle 2017 Fresneau, B.; Fayech, C.; Butel, T.; Haddy, N.; Valteau-Couanet, D.; Ou, P.
Radiotherapy as a risk factor for malignant melanoma after childhood skin hemangioma journalArticle 2012 Haddy, Nadia; Mousannif, Abdeddahir; Paoletti, Catherine; Dondon, Marie-Gabrielle; Shamsaldin, Akhtar; Doyon, Françoise; Avril, Marie-Françoise; Fragu, Philippe; Labbé, Martine; Lefkopoulos, Dimitry; Chavaudra, Jean; Robert, Caroline; Diallo, Ibrahima; de Vathaire, Florent
Pediatric salivary gland carcinomas: Diagnostic and therapeutic management journalArticle 2017 Rebours, Céleste; Couloigner, Vincent; Galmiche, Louise; Casiraghi, Odile; Badoual, Cécile; Boudjemaa, Sabah; Chauvin, Anthony; Elmaleh, Monique; Fresneau, Brice; Fasola, Sylvie; Garabédian, Erea-Noël; Van Den Abeele, Thierry; Orbach, Daniel; Pediatric French Rare Tumor Group
In reply to Alber and Söhn journalArticle 2015 Benadjaoud, Mohamed Amine; de Vathaire, Florent; Blanchard, Pierre; Cardot, Hervé
Intussusception risk after RotaTeq vaccination: evaluation from worldwide spontaneous reporting data using a self-controlled case series approach journalArticle 2015 Escolano, S.; Hill, C.; Tubert-Bitter, P.
Total heart volume as a function of clinical and anthropometric parameters in a population of external beam radiation therapy patients journalArticle 2012 Badouna, Audrey Nadège Ilembe; Veres, Cristina; Haddy, Nadia; Bidault, François; Lefkopoulos, Dimitri; Chavaudra, Jean; Bridier, André; de Vathaire, Florent; Diallo, Ibrahima
A Clarion Call for Large-Scale Collaborative Studies of Pediatric Proton Therapy journalArticle 2017 Berrington de Gonzalez, Amy; Vikram, Bhadrasian; Buchsbaum, Jeffrey C.; de Vathaire, Florent; Dörr, Wolfgang; Hass-Kogan, Daphne; Langendijk, Johannes A.; Mahajan, Anita; Newhauser, Wayne; Ottolenghi, Andrea; Ronckers, Cecile; Schulte, Reinhard; Walsh, Linda; Yock, Torunn I.; Kleinerman, Ruth A.
Ovarian reserve after treatment with alkylating agents during childhood journalArticle 2015 Thomas-Teinturier, Cécile; Allodji, Rodrigue Sétchéou; Svetlova, Ekaterina; Frey, Marie-Alix; Oberlin, Odile; Millischer, Anne-Elodie; Epelboin, Sylvie; Decanter, Christine; Pacquement, Helene; Tabone, Marie-Dominique; Sudour-Bonnange, Helene; Baruchel, André; Lahlou, Najiba; De Vathaire, Florent
Efficacy of vaccination against HPV infection to prevent cervical cancer in France. - PubMed - NCBI journalArticle 2015 Ribassin-Majed, L.; Hill, C.; Lounes, R.
Common genetic variants in sex hormone pathway genes and papillary thyroid cancer risk journalArticle 2012 Schonfeld, Sara J.; Neta, Gila; Sturgis, Erich M.; Pfeiffer, Ruth M.; Hutchinson, Amy A.; Xu, Li; Wheeler, William; Guénel, Pascal; Rajaraman, Preetha; de Vathaire, Florent; Ron, Elaine; Tucker, Margaret A.; Chanock, Stephen J.; Sigurdson, Alice J.; Brenner, Alina V.
Clinical and diagnosis characteristics of breast cancers in women with a history of radiotherapy in the first 30years of life: A French multicentre cohort study journalArticle 2017 Demoor-Goldschmidt, C.; Supiot, S.; Oberlin, O.; Helfre, S.; Vigneron, C.; Brillaud-Meflah, V.; Bernier, V.; Laprie, A.; Ducassou, A.; Claude, L.; Mahé, M. A.; de Vathaire, F.
Role of cancer treatment in long-term overall and cardiovascular mortality after childhood cancer journalArticle 2010 Tukenova, Markhaba; Guibout, Catherine; Oberlin, Odile; Doyon, Françoise; Mousannif, Abdeddahir; Haddy, Nadia; Guérin, Sylvie; Pacquement, Hélène; Aouba, Albertine; Hawkins, Mike; Winter, Dave; Bourhis, Jean; Lefkopoulos, Dimitri; Diallo, Ibrahima; de Vathaire, Florent
A Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacogenetic Analysis of Osteosarcoma Patients Treated With High-Dose Methotrexate: Data From the OS2006/Sarcoma-09 Trial journalArticle 2018 Lui, Gabrielle; Treluyer, Jean-Marc; Fresneau, Brice; Piperno-Neumann, Sophie; Gaspar, Nathalie; Corradini, Nadège; Gentet, Jean-Claude; Marec Berard, Perrine; Laurence, Valérie; Schneider, Pascale; Entz-Werle, Natacha; Pacquement, Hélène; Millot, Frédéric; Taque, Sophie; Freycon, Claire; Lervat, Cyril; Le Deley, Marie Cécile; Mahier Ait Oukhatar, Céline; Brugieres, Laurence; Le Teuff, Gwénaël; Bouazza, Naïm; Sarcoma Group of UNICANCER
[Specificities of carcinomas in adolescents and young adults] journalArticle 2017 Fresneau, Brice; Dourthe, Marie-Emilie; Jouin, Anaïs; Laurence, Valérie; de Lambert, Guénolée; Colas, Christelle; Coret, Mathilde; Laprie, Anne; Rebours, Céleste; Orbach, Daniel; Demoor-Goldschmidt, Charlotte
Relation of risk of contralateral breast cancer to the interval since the first primary tumour journalArticle 2010 Rubino, C.; Arriagada, R.; Delaloge, S.; Le, M. G.
Childhood CT scans and cancer risk: impact of predisposing factors for cancer on the risk estimates journalArticle 2016 Journy, N.; Roué, T.; Cardis, E.; Le Pointe, H. Ducou; Brisse, H.; Chateil, J.-F.; Laurier, D.; Bernier, M.-O.
Breast Cancer Risk After Radiation Therapy for Hodgkin Lymphoma: Influence of Gonadal Hormone Exposure journalArticle 2017 Krul, Inge M.; Opstal-van Winden, Annemieke W. J.; Aleman, Berthe M. P.; Janus, Cécile P. M.; van Eggermond, Anna M.; De Bruin, Marie L.; Hauptmann, Michael; Krol, Augustinus D. G.; Schaapveld, Michael; Broeks, Annegien; Kooijman, Karen R.; Fase, Sandra; Lybeert, Marnix L.; Zijlstra, Josée M.; van der Maazen, Richard W. M.; Kesminiene, Ausrele; Diallo, Ibrahima; de Vathaire, Florent; Russell, Nicola S.; van Leeuwen, Flora E.
Long-term mortality from second malignant neoplasms in 5-year survivors of solid childhood tumors: temporal pattern of risk according to type of treatment journalArticle 2010 Tukenova, Markhaba; Diallo, Ibrahima; Hawkins, Mike; Guibout, Catherine; Quiniou, Eric; Pacquement, Hélène; Dhermain, Frederic; Shamsaldin, Akhtar; Oberlin, Odile; de Vathaire, Florent
Models of Care for Survivors of Childhood Cancer From Across the Globe: Advancing Survivorship Care in the Next Decade journalArticle 2018 Tonorezos, Emily S.; Barnea, Dana; Cohn, Richard J.; Cypriano, Monica S.; Fresneau, Brice C.; Haupt, Riccardo; Hjorth, Lars; Ishida, Yasushi; Kruseova, Jarmila; Kuehni, Claudia E.; Kurkure, Purna A.; Langer, Thorsten; Nathan, Paul C.; Skeen, Jane E.; Skinner, Roderick; Tacyildiz, Nurdan; van den Heuvel-Eibrink, Marry M.; Winther, Jeanette F.; Hudson, Melissa M.; Oeffinger, Kevin C.
Primary mediastinal and retroperitoneal malignant germ cell tumors in children and adolescents: Results of the TGM95 trial, a study of the French Society of Pediatric Oncology (Société Française des Cancers de l'Enfant) journalArticle 2017 Sudour-Bonnange, Hélène; Faure-Conter, Cécile; Martelli, Hélène; Hameury, Frederic; Fresneau, Brice; Orbach, Daniel; Vérité, Cécile
NADPH oxidase DUOX1 promotes long-term persistence of oxidative stress after an exposure to irradiation journalArticle 2015 Ameziane-El-Hassani, Rabii; Talbot, Monique; de Souza Dos Santos, Maria Carolina; Al Ghuzlan, Abir; Hartl, Dana; Bidart, Jean-Michel; De Deken, Xavier; Miot, Françoise; Diallo, Ibrahima; de Vathaire, Florent; Schlumberger, Martin; Dupuy, Corinne