Publications pour l'équipe Épidémiologie des radiations

Titre Publication Type Publication year Auteur
Retrospective reconstructions of active bone marrow dose-volume histograms journalArticle 2014 Veres, Cristina; Allodji, Rodrigue S.; Llanas, Damien; Vu Bezin, Jérémi; Chavaudra, Jean; Mège, Jean Pierre; Lefkopoulos, Dimitri; Quiniou, Eric; Deutsh, Eric; de Vathaire, Florent; Diallo, Ibrahima
Risk of subsequent colorectal cancers after a solid tumor in childhood: Effects of radiation therapy and chemotherapy journalArticle 2019 Allodji, Rodrigue S.; Haddy, Nadia; Vu-Bezin, Giao; Dumas, Agnès; Fresneau, Brice; Mansouri, Imene; Demoor-Goldschmidt, Charlotte; El-Fayech, Chiraz; Pacquement, Hélène; Munzer, Martine; Bondiau, Pierre-Yves; Berchery, Delphine; Oberlin, Odile; Rubino, Carole; Diallo, Ibrahima; de Vathaire, Florent
Functional data analysis in NTCP modeling: a new method to explore the radiation dose-volume effects journalArticle 2014 Benadjaoud, Mohamed Amine; Blanchard, Pierre; Schwartz, Boris; Champoudry, Jérôme; Bouaita, Ryan; Lefkopoulos, Dimitri; Deutsch, Eric; Diallo, Ibrahima; Cardot, Hervé; de Vathaire, Florent
Intrafractional organs movement in three-dimensional image-guided adaptive pulsed-dose-rate cervical cancer brachytherapy: assessment and dosimetric impact journalArticle 2015 Mazeron, Renaud; Champoudry, Jérôme; Gilmore, Jennifer; Dumas, Isabelle; Goulart, Jennifer; Oberlander, Anne-Sophie; Rivin del Campo, Eleonor; Diallo, Ibrahima; Lefkopoulos, Dimitri; Haie-Meder, Christine
Trends in tobacco-attributable mortality in France journalArticle 2015 Ribassin-Majed, L.; Hill, C.
The role of irradiated heart and left ventricular volumes in heart failure occurrence after childhood cancer journalArticle 2018 Mansouri, Imène; Allodji, Rodrigue S.; Hill, Catherine; El-Fayech, Chiraz; Pein, François; Diallo, Stéphanie; Schwartz, Boris; Vu-Bezin, Giao; Veres, Cristina; Souchard, Vincent; Dumas, Agnès; Bolle, Stéphanie; Thomas-Teinturier, Cécile; Pacquement, Hélène; Munzer, Martine; Bondiau, Pierre-Yves; Berchery, Delphine; Fresneau, Brice; Oberlin, Odile; Diallo, Ibrahima; De Vathaire, Florent; Haddy, Nadia
Systematic review and meta-analysis of circulatory disease from exposure to low-level ionizing radiation and estimates of potential population mortality risks journalArticle 2012 Little, Mark P.; Azizova, Tamara V.; Bazyka, Dimitry; Bouffler, Simon D.; Cardis, Elisabeth; Chekin, Sergey; Chumak, Vadim V.; Cucinotta, Francis A.; de Vathaire, Florent; Hall, Per; Harrison, John D.; Hildebrandt, Guido; Ivanov, Victor; Kashcheev, Valeriy V.; Klymenko, Sergiy V.; Kreuzer, Michaela; Laurent, Olivier; Ozasa, Kotaro; Schneider, Thierry; Tapio, Soile; Taylor, Andrew M.; Tzoulaki, Ioanna; Vandoolaeghe, Wendy L.; Wakeford, Richard; Zablotska, Lydia B.; Zhang, Wei; Lipshultz, Steven E.
Effect of radiotherapy after mastectomy and axillary surgery on 10-year recurrence and 20-year breast cancer mortality: meta-analysis of individual patient data for 8135 women in 22 randomised trials journalArticle 2014 Ebctcg; McGale, P.; Taylor, C.; Correa, C.; Cutter, D.; Duane, F.; Ewertz, M.; Gray, R.; Mannu, G.; Peto, R.; Whelan, T.; Wang, Y.; Wang, Z.; Darby, S.
A French national breast and thyroid cancer screening programme for survivors of childhood, adolescent and young adult (CAYA) cancers - DeNaCaPST programme journalArticle 2017 Demoor-Goldschmidt, Charlotte; Drui, Delphine; Doutriaux, Isabelle; Michel, Gérard; Auquier, Pascal; Dumas, Agnès; Berger, Claire; Bernier, Valérie; Bohrer, Sandrine; Bondiau, Pierre-Yves; Filhon, Bruno; Fresneau, Brice; Freycon, Claire; Stefan, Dinu; Helfre, Sylvie; Jackson, Angela; Kerr, Christine; Laprie, Anne; Leseur, Julie; Mahé, Marc-André; Oudot, Caroline; Pluchard, Claire; Proust, Stéphanie; Sudour-Bonnange, Hélène; Vigneron, Céline; Lassau, Nathalie; Schlumberger, Martin; Conter, Cécile Faure; de Vathaire, Florent
Main clinical, therapeutic and technical factors related to patient's maximum skin dose in interventional cardiology procedures journalArticle 2012 Journy, N.; Sinno-Tellier, S.; Maccia, C.; Le Tertre, A.; Pirard, P.; Pagès, P.; Eilstein, D.; Donadieu, J.; Bar, O.