Publications pour l'équipe Épidémiologie des radiations

Titre Publication Type Publication year Auteur
Estimating the number of sudden cardiac deaths attributable to the use of domperidone in France journalArticle 2015 Hill, C.; Nicot, P.; Piette, C.; Le Gleut, K.; Durand, G.; Toussaint, B.
Educational trajectories after childhood cancer: When illness experience matters journalArticle 2015 Dumas, A.; Cailbault, I.; Perrey, C.; Oberlin, O.; De Vathaire, F.; Amiel, P.
The visceromotor and somatic afferent nerves of the penis journalArticle 2015 Diallo, Djibril; Zaitouna, Mazen; Alsaid, Bayan; Quillard, Jeanine; Ba, Nathalie; Allodji, Rodrigue Sètchéou; Benoit, Gérard; Bedretdinova, Dina; Bessede, Thomas
Field size dependent mapping of medical linear accelerator radiation leakage journalArticle 2015 Bezin, Jérémi Vũ; Veres, Attila; Lefkopoulos, Dimitri; Chavaudra, Jean; Deutsch, Eric; de Vathaire, Florent; Diallo, Ibrahima
Are the studies on cancer risk from CT scans biased by indication? Elements of answer from a large-scale cohort study in France journalArticle 2015 Journy, N.; Rehel, J.-L.; Ducou Le Pointe, H.; Lee, C.; Brisse, H.; Chateil, J.-F.; Caer-Lorho, S.; Laurier, D.; Bernier, M.-O.
Dose-Effect Relationship of Alkylating Agents on Testicular Function in Male Survivors of Childhood Lymphoma journalArticle 2015 Servitzoglou, Marina; De Vathaire, Florent; Oberlin, Odile; Patte, Catherine; Thomas-Teinturier, Cécile
Anthropometric Risk Factors for Differentiated Thyroid Cancer in Young Men and Women From Eastern France: A Case-Control Study journalArticle 2015 Xhaard, Constance; de Vathaire, Florent; Cléro, Enora; Maillard, Stéphane; Ren, Yan; Borson-Chazot, Françoise; Sassolas, Geneviève; Schvartz, Claire; Colonna, Marc; Lacour, Brigitte; Danzon, Arlette; Velten, Michel; Marrer, Emilie; Bailly, Laurent; Barjoan, Eugènia Mariné; Schlumberger, Martin; Orgiazzi, Jacques; Adjadj, Elisabeth; Rubino, Carole
Trends in tobacco-attributable mortality in France journalArticle 2015 Ribassin-Majed, L.; Hill, C.
Simulation-extrapolation method to address errors in atomic bomb survivor dosimetry on solid cancer and leukaemia mortality risk estimates, 1950-2003 journalArticle 2015 Allodji, Rodrigue S.; Schwartz, Boris; Diallo, Ibrahima; Agbovon, Césaire; Laurier, Dominique; de Vathaire, Florent
[Breast cancer screening in thirteen French departments] journalArticle 2015 Ouédraogo, Samiratou; Dabakuyo-Yonli, Tienhan Sandrine; Roussot, Adrien; Dialla, Pegdwendé Olivia; Pornet, Carole; Poillot, Marie-Laure; Soler-Michel, Patricia; Sarlin, Nathalie; Lunaud, Philippe; Desmidt, Pascal; Paré, Etienne; Mathis, Corinne; Rymzhanova, Rachouan; Kuntz-Huon, Janine; Exbrayat, Catherine; Bataillard, Anne; Régnier, Véronique; Kalecinski, Julie; Quantin, Catherine; Dumas, Agnès; Gentil, Julie; Amiel, Philippe; Chauvin, Franck; Dancourt, Vincent; Arveux, Patrick