Publications pour l'équipe Épidémiologie des radiations

Titre Publication Type Publication year Auteur
Risk of Soft-Tissue Sarcoma Among 69 460 Five-Year Survivors of Childhood Cancer in Europe journalArticle 2017 Bright, Chloe J.; Hawkins, Mike M.; Winter, David L.; Alessi, Daniela; Allodji, Rodrigue S.; Bagnasco, Francesca; Bárdi, Edit; Bautz, Andrea; Byrne, Julianne; Feijen, Elizabeth A. M.; Fidler, Miranda M.; Garwicz, Stanislaw; Grabow, Desiree; Gudmundsdottir, Thorgerdur; Guha, Joyeeta; Haddy, Nadia; Jankovic, Momcilo; Kaatsch, Peter; Kaiser, Melanie; Kuehni, Claudia E.; Linge, Helena; Øfstaas, Hilde; Ronckers, Cecile M.; Skinner, Roderick; Teepen, Jop C.; Terenziani, Monica; Vu-Bezin, Giao; Wesenberg, Finn; Wiebe, Thomas; Sacerdote, Carlotta; Jakab, Zsuzsanna; Haupt, Riccardo; Lähteenmäki, Päivi; Zaletel, Lorna Zadravec; Kuonen, Rahel; Winther, Jeanette F.; de Vathaire, Florent; Kremer, Leontien C.; Hjorth, Lars; Reulen, Raoul C.; PanCareSurFup Consortium
Letter on the article "The BIAL/Biotrial case of death of a human volunteer in the first-in-human study of BIA 10-2474: Are we missing the fundamentals?" journalArticle 2017 Hill, C.; Asselain, B.
Assessing opportunities for coordinated R&D in early cancer detection and management in Europe journalArticle 2017 Ussi, A. E.; Rebolj, M.; Thorat, M. A.; Bietrix, F.; Fauvel, A. C.; Hajduch, M.; Hill, C.; Walker, I.; van Engeland, M.; Cuzick, J.; Meijer, G.
Thyroid Cancer Following Childhood Low-Dose Radiation Exposure: A Pooled Analysis of Nine Cohorts journalArticle 2017 Lubin, Jay H.; Adams, M. Jacob; Shore, Roy; Holmberg, Erik; Schneider, Arthur B.; Hawkins, Michael M.; Robison, Leslie L.; Inskip, Peter D.; Lundell, Marie; Johansson, Robert; Kleinerman, Ruth A.; de Vathaire, Florent; Damber, Lena; Sadetzki, Siegal; Tucker, Margaret; Sakata, Ritsu; Veiga, Lene H. S.
Investigating the heterogeneity of alkylating agents' efficacy and toxicity between sexes: A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized trials comparing cyclophosphamide and ifosfamide (MAIAGE study) journalArticle 2017 Fresneau, Brice; Hackshaw, A.; Hawkins, D. S.; Paulussen, M.; Anderson, J. R.; Judson, I.; Litière, S.; Dirksen, U.; Lewis, I.; van den Berg, H.; Gaspar, N.; Gelderblom, H.; Whelan, J.; Boddy, A. V.; Wheatley, K.; Pignon, J. P.; De Vathaire, F.; Le Deley, M. C.; Le Teuff, G.
Two Tumors in 1: What Should be the Therapeutic Target? Pediatric Germ Cell Tumor With Somatic Malignant Transformation journalArticle 2017 Faure Conter, Cecile; Fresneau, Brice; Thebaud, Estelle; Bertrand, Amandine; Dijoud, Frederique; Rome, Angelique; Dumesnil, Cecile; Castex, Marie Pierre; Ghanem, Anguella; Orbach, Daniel
Alcool et grossesse : population à risque, perception des risques bookSection 2017 Dumas, Agnès
Pediatric salivary gland carcinomas: Diagnostic and therapeutic management journalArticle 2017 Rebours, Céleste; Couloigner, Vincent; Galmiche, Louise; Casiraghi, Odile; Badoual, Cécile; Boudjemaa, Sabah; Chauvin, Anthony; Elmaleh, Monique; Fresneau, Brice; Fasola, Sylvie; Garabédian, Erea-Noël; Van Den Abeele, Thierry; Orbach, Daniel; Pediatric French Rare Tumor Group
Retrospective cohort study and biobanking of patients treated for hemangioma in childhood - telomeres as biomarker of aging and radiation exposure journalArticle 2017 Frenzel, Monika; Ricoul, Michelle; Benadjaoud, Mohamed Amine; Bellamy, Marion; Lenain, Aude; Haddy, Nadia; Diallo, Ibrahima; Mateus, Christine; de Vathaire, Florent; Sabatier, Laure
Hyperthyroidism, Hypothyroidism, and Cause-Specific Mortality in a Large Cohort of Women journalArticle 2017 Journy, Neige M. Y.; Bernier, Marie-Odile; Doody, Michele M.; Alexander, Bruce H.; Linet, Martha S.; Kitahara, Cari M.