Publications pour l'équipe Épidémiologie des radiations

Titre Publication Type Publication year Auteur
Family history of thyroid cancer and the risk of differentiated thyroid cancer in French polynesia journalArticle 2010 Brindel, Pauline; Doyon, Françoise; Bourgain, Catherine; Rachédi, Frédérique; Boissin, Jean-Louis; Sebbag, Joseph; Shan, Larrys; Bost-Bezeaud, Frédérique; Petitdidier, Patrice; Paoaafaite, John; Teuri, Joseph; de Vathaire, Florent
Ovarian Yolk Sac Tumors; Does Age Matter? journalArticle 2018 Faure Conter, Cecile; Xia, Caihong; Gershenson, David; Hurteau, Jean; Covens, Al; Pashankar, Farzana; Krailo, Mark; Billmire, Deborah; Patte, Catherine; Fresneau, Brice; Shaikh, Furqan; Stoneham, Sara; Nicholson, James; Murray, Matthew; Frazier, Anne Lindsay
Common variants at the 9q22.33, 14q13.3 and ATM loci, and risk of differentiated thyroid cancer in the Cuban population journalArticle 2015 Pereda, Celia M.; Lesueur, Fabienne; Pertesi, Maroulio; Robinot, Nivonirina; Lence-Anta, Juan J.; Turcios, Silvia; Velasco, Milagros; Chappe, Mae; Infante, Idalmis; Bustillo, Marlene; García, Anabel; Clero, Enora; Xhaard, Constance; Ren, Yan; Maillard, Stéphane; Damiola, Francesca; Rubino, Carole; Salazar, Sirced; Rodriguez, Regla; Ortiz, Rosa M.; de Vathaire, Florent
[Sarcoma developed in irradiated area: Preliminary results of the SARI trial] journalArticle 2016 Maingon, P.; Mirjolet, C.; Diallo, I.; Veres, C.; Collin, F.; Italiano, A.; Chibon, F.; Merlin, J. L.; Coindre, J. M.
Age at menopause and its influencing factors in a cohort of survivors of childhood cancer: earlier but rarely premature journalArticle 2013 Thomas-Teinturier, Cécile; El Fayech, Chiraz; Oberlin, Odile; Pacquement, Hélène; Haddy, Nadia; Labbé, Martine; Veres, Cristina; Guibout, Catherine; Diallo, Ibrahima; De Vathaire, Florent
Projected cancer risks potentially related to past, current, and future practices in paediatric CT in the United Kingdom, 1990-2020 journalArticle 2017 Journy, Neige M. Y.; Lee, Choonsik; Harbron, Richard W.; McHugh, Kieran; Pearce, Mark S.; Berrington de González, Amy
Breast cancer following radiotherapy for a hemangioma during childhood journalArticle 2010 Haddy, Nadia; Dondon, Marie-Gabrielle; Paoletti, Catherine; Rubino, Carole; Mousannif, Abdeddahir; Shamsaldin, Akhtar; Doyon, Françoise; Labbé, Martine; Robert, Caroline; Avril, Marie-Françoise; Demars, Rogers; Molinie, Florence; Lefkopoulos, Dimitri; Diallo, Ibrahima; de Vathaire, Florent
Childhood Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma: State-of-the-Art, and Questions for the Future journalArticle 2018 Dourthe, Marie-Emilie; Bolle, Stéphanie; Temam, Stéphane; Jouin, Anais; Claude, Line; Reguerre, Yves; Defachelles, Anne-Sophie; Orbach, Daniel; Fresneau, Brice
Simulation-extrapolation method to address errors in atomic bomb survivor dosimetry on solid cancer and leukaemia mortality risk estimates, 1950-2003 journalArticle 2015 Allodji, Rodrigue S.; Schwartz, Boris; Diallo, Ibrahima; Agbovon, Césaire; Laurier, Dominique; de Vathaire, Florent
20-Year Risks of Breast-Cancer Recurrence after Stopping Endocrine Therapy at 5 Years journalArticle 2017 Pan, H.; Gray, R.; Braybrooke, J.; Davies, C.; Taylor, C.; McGale, P.; Peto, R.; Pritchard, K. I.; Bergh, J.; Dowsett, M.; Hayes, D. F.; Ebctcg