Publications pour l'équipe Anti-infective evasion and pharmacoepidemiology

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Determinants of worldwide antibiotic resistance dynamics across drug-bacterium pairs: a multivariable spatial-temporal analysis using ATLAS journalArticle Eve Rahbe,Laurence Watier,Didier Guillemot,Philippe Glaser,Lulla Opatowski
Contributions of modelling for the control of COVID-19 nosocomial transmission journalArticle Lulla Opatowski, Laura Temime
Lockdown impact on age-specific contact patterns and behaviours in France journalArticle 2020 Paolo Bosetti , Bich-Tram Huynh , Armiya Youssouf Abdou , Marie Sanchez , Catherine Eisenhauer , Noémie Courtejoie , Jérôme Accardo , Henrik Salje , Didier Guillemot , Mathieu Moslonka-Lefebvre , Pierre-Yves Boëlle , Guillaume Béraud , Simon Cauchemez , Lulla Opatowski
Optimizing COVID-19 surveillance in longterm care facilities: a modelling study journalArticle 2020 David R. M. Smith, Audrey Duval, Koen B. Pouwels, Didier Guillemot, Jérôme Fernandes, Bich-Tram Huynh, Laura Temime, Lulla Opatowski & on behalf of the AP-HP/Universities/Inserm COVID-19 research collaboration
Nicotine-replacement therapy, as a surrogate of smoking, and the risk of hospitalization with Covid-19 and all-cause mortality: a nationwide, observational cohort study in France journalArticle 2020 Mahmoud Zureik , Berangere Baricault , Célementine Vabre , Laura SEMENZATO , Jérôme Drouin , François cuenot , Laetitia penso , Philippe Herlemont , Emilie Sbidian , Alain Weill , Mathieu Molimard , Rosemary Dray-Spira , Jeremie Botton
Functional outcome after severe childhood traumatic brain injury: {Results} of the {TGE} prospective longitudinal study journalArticle 2021 Neumane, Sara; Câmara-Costa, Hugo; Francillette, Leila; Araujo, Mélanie; Toure, Hanna; Brugel, Dominique; Laurent-Vannier, Anne; Ewing-Cobbs, Linda; Meyer, Philippe; Dellatolas, Georges; Watier, Laurence; Chevignard, Mathilde
Estimating the impact of influenza on the epidemiological dynamics of SARS-CoV-2 journalArticle 2021 De Cellès, M D; Casalegno, J.-S.; Lina, B; Opatowski, L
Potentially inappropriate prescriptions: Associations with the health insurance contract and the quality of the patient-physician relationship? journalArticle 2021 Chauvin, Pauline; Fustinoni, Sarah; Seematter-Bagnoud, Laurence; Herr, Marie; Santos Eggimann, Brigitte
Economic and disease burden of {RSV}-associated hospitalizations in young children in {France}, from 2010 through 2018 journalArticle 2021 Demont, C; Petrica, N; Bardoulat, I; Duret, S; Watier, L; Chosidow, A; Lorrot, M; Kieffer, A; Lemaitre, M
Costs and Outcomes of 1-year post-discharge care trajectories of patients admitted with infection due to antibiotic-resistant bacteria journalArticle 2021 Mehdi Touat, Christian Brun-Buisson, Marion Opatowski, Jérôme Salomon, Didier Guillemot, Philippe Tuppin, Grégoire de Lagasnerie, Laurence Watier
Microbiome-pathogen interactions drive epidemiological dynamics of antibiotic resistance: A modelling study applied to nosocomial pathogen control journalArticle 2021 Smith, D R M; Temime, L; Opatowski, L
Ventral Hernia Repair and Obesity: Results from a Nationwide Register Study in France According to the Timeframes of Hernia Repair and Bariatric Surgery. journalArticle 2021 Moszkowicz, D; Jacota, M; Nkam, L; Giovinazzo, D; Grimaldi, L; Lazzati, A
Decreasing trends in potentially inappropriate medications in older people: a nationwide repeated cross-sectional study journalArticle 2021 Drusch, Solène; Le Tri, Thien; Ankri, Joël; Zureik, Mahmoud; Herr, Marie
Comparison of Corticosteroid Tapering Regimens in Myasthenia Gravis: A Randomized Clinical Trial. journalArticle 2021 Sharshar, T; Porcher, R; Demeret, S; Tranchant, C; Gueguen, A; Eymard, B; Nadaj-Pakleza, A; Spinazzi, M; Grimaldi, L; Birnbaum, S; Friedman, D; Clair, B
Impact of Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Inhibitors and Angiotensin II Receptor Blockers in Hypertensive Patients with COVID-19 (COVIDECA Study). journalArticle 2021 Mustafic, H; Fayssoil, A; Josseran, L; Ouadahi, M; Grimaldi-Bensouda, L; Dubourg, O; Annane, D; Mansencal, N
Removal of Drugs for Alzheimer's Disease from the List of Reimbursable Drugs in France: Analysis of Change in Drug Use, Disease Management and Cognition Using the National Alzheimer Data Bank (BNA) journalArticle 2021 Herr, Marie; Ankri, Joël; Diard, Capucine; Hiance-Delahaye, Anne
Severe bacterial neonatal infections in Madagascar, Senegal, and Cambodia: A multicentric community-based cohort study journalArticle 2021 Huynh, Bich Tram; Kermorvant-Duchemin, Elsa; Chheang, Rattanak; Randrianirina, Frederique; Seck, Abdoulaye; Ratsima, Elisoa Hariniaina; Andrianirina, Zafitsara Zo; Diouf, Jean Baptiste; Abdou, Armya Youssouf; Goyet, Sophie; Ngo, Véronique; Lach, Siyin; Pring, Long; Sok, Touch; Padget, Michael; Sarr, Fatoumata Diene; Borand, Laurence; Garin, Benoit; Collard, Jean Marc; Herindrainy, Perlinot; de Lauzanne, Agathe; Vray, Muriel; Delarocque-Astagneau, Elisabeth; Guillemot, Didier; Vololonirina, Rasoanaivo Fanjalalaina; Maminirina, Andrianonimiadana Lova; Lydos, Rabearitiana; Dimitri, Rasoloson; Tanjona, Volahasina Antsa; Fenitra, Volahasina Antso; Nirina, Randriamamonjiarison Aina; Todisoa, Andriatahina; Diatta, Marguerite; Faye, Joseph
SARS-CoV-2 transmission across age groups in France and implications for control journalArticle 2021 Tran Kiem, C; Bosetti, P; Paireau, J; Crépey, P; Salje, H; Lefrancq, N; Fontanet, A; Benamouzig, D; Boëlle, P.-Y.; Desenclos, J.-C.; Opatowski, L; Cauchemez, S
Impact of mass and systematic antibiotic administration on antibiotic resistance in low- and middle-income countries. A systemat journalArticle 2021 Lison Ramblière, Didier Guillemot, Elisabeth Delarocque-Astagneaua, Bich-Tram Huynh
A One-Health Quantitative Model to Assess the Risk of Antibiotic Resistance Acquisition in Asian Populations: Impact of Exposure Through Food, Water, Livestock and Humans journalArticle 2021 Opatowski, L; Opatowski, M; Vong, S; Temime, L
Lockdown impact on age-specific contact patterns and behaviours, France, April 2020 journalArticle 2021 Bosetti, P; Huynh, B.-T.; Abdou, A Y; Sanchez, M; Eisenhauer, C; Courtejoie, N; Accardo, J; Salje, H; Guillemot, D; Moslonka-Lefebvre, M; Boelle, P.-Y.; Beraud, G; Cauchemez, S; Opatowski, L
A Conceptual Discussion about the Basic Reproduction Number of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 in Healthcare Settings journalArticle 2021 Temime, Laura; Gustin, M.-P. Marie-Paule Paule; Duval, Audrey; Buetti, Niccolò; Crépey, Pascal; Guillemot, Didier; Thiébaut, Rodolphe; Vanhems, Philippe; Zahar, Jean-Ralph Ralph J.-R.; Smith, David R.M. M; Opatowski, Lulla
Potential for recovery between 4 and 8 years after a severe traumatic brain injury. Data from the PariS-TBI longitudinal study. journalArticle 2021 Ruet, A; Bayen, E; Jourdan, C; Vallat-Azouvi, C; Azerad, S; Grimaldi, L; Meaude, L; Charanton, J; Azouvi, P
Eosinopenia in COVID-19: What we missed so far? journalArticle 2021 Davido, Benjamin; Partouche, Bethsabee; Jaffal, Karim; de Truchis, Pierre; Herr, Marie; Pepin, Marion
Outpatient antibiotic use attributable to viral acute lower respiratory tract infections during the cold season in France, 2010-2017 journalArticle 2021 Cheysson, Felix; Brun-Buisson, Christian; Opatowski, Lulla; Le Fouler, Lenaig; Caserio-Schönemann, Céline; Pontais, Isabelle; Guillemot, Didier; Watier, Laurence
Factors Associated With Treatment Failure in Moderately Severe Community-Acquired Pneumonia journalArticle 2021 Dinh, Aurélien; Duran, Clara; Ropers, Jacques; Bouchand, Frédérique; Davido, Benjamin; Deconinck, Laurène; Matt, Morgan; Senard, Olivia; Lagrange, Aurore; Mellon, Guillaume; Calin, Ruxandra; Makhloufi, Sabrina; de Lastours, Victoire; Mathieu, Emmanuel; Kahn, Jean-Emmanuel; Rouveix, Elisabeth; Grenet, Julie; Dumoulin, Jennifer; Chinet, Thierry; Pépin, Marion; Delcey, Véronique; Diamantis, Sylvain; Benhamou, Daniel; Vitrat, Virginie; Dombret, Marie-Christine; Guillemot, Didier; Renaud, Bertrand; Claessens, Yann-Erick; Labarère, José; Aegerter, Philippe; Bedos, Jean-Pierre; Crémieux, Anne-Claude; ATTAL-BEHAR, Julie; BEAUNE, Sébastien; CHINET, Thierry; CUDENNEC, Tristan; DE LAROCHE, Marine; DE THEZY, Albane; DUMOULIN, Jennifer; DUPONT, Caroline; FERCOT, Elise; GIRAUT, Violaine; GREFFE, Ségolène; GRENET, Julie; GUYOT, Caroline; KAHN, Jean-Emmanuel; LABRUNE, Sylvie; LACHATRE, Marie; MOULIAS, Sophie; NALINE, Charlotte; PEPIN, Marion; ROUVEIX, Elisabeth; SAHUT-D'IZARN, Marine; SEFS
[The SMA France national registry: already encouraging results]. journalArticle 2021 Lemoine, M; Gomez, M; Grimaldi, L; Urtizberea, J A; Quijano-Roy, S
Mitigating COVID-19 outbreaks in workplaces and schools by hybrid telecommuting journalArticle 2021 Mauras, S; Cohen-Addad, V; Duboc, G; Dupréla Tour, M; Frasca, P; Mathieu, C; Opatowski, L; Viennot, L
Stroke Prevention by Anticoagulants in Daily Practice Depending on Atrial Fibrillation Pattern and Clinical Risk Factors. journalArticle 2021 Grimaldi-Bensouda, L; Le Heuzey, J Y; Ferrières, J; Leys, D; Davy, J M; Martinez, M; Dialla, O; Smadja, D; Nighoghossian, N; Benichou, J; Nordon, C; Touzé, E; Abenhaim, L
Antibiotic prescriptions and risk factors for antimicrobial resistance in patients hospitalized with urinary tract infection: a matched case-control study using the {French} health insurance database ({SNDS}) journalArticle 2021 Opatowski, Marion; Brun-Buisson, Christian; Touat, Mehdi; Salomon, Jérôme; Guillemot, Didier; Tuppin, Philippe; Watier, Laurence
Complement inhibition in severe COVID-19 - Blocking C5a seems to be key: Author''s reply. journalArticle 2021 Annane, D; Grimaldi-Bensouda, L; Fremeaux-Bacchic, V
Drivers of ESBL-producing Escherichia coli dynamics in calf fattening farms: A modelling study journalArticle 2021 Bastard, J; Haenni, M; Gay, E; Glaser, P; Madec, J.-Y.; Temime, L; Opatowski, L
Oral ivermectin for a scabies outbreak in a long‐term–care facility: Potential value in preventing COVID‐19 and associated mortality? journalArticle 2021 Bernigaud, C.; Guillemot, D.; Ahmed‐Belkacem, A.; Grimaldi‐Bensouda, L.; Lespine, A.; Berry, F.; Softic, L.; Chenost, C.; Do‐Pham, G.; Giraudeau, B.; Fourati, S.; Chosidow, O.
Decongestant use and the risk of myocardial infarction and stroke: a case-crossover study. journalArticle 2021 Grimaldi-Bensouda, L; Begaud, B; Benichou, J; Nordon, C; Dialla, O; Morisot, N; Hamon, Y; Cottin, Y; Serrano, E; Abenhaim, L; Touzé, E
Valproic Acid as an Adjuvant Treatment for Generalized Convulsive Status Epilepticus in Adults Admitted to Intensive Care Units: Protocol for a Double-Blind, Multicenter Randomized Controlled Trial. journalArticle 2021 Sharshar, T; Ben Hadj Salem, O; Porcher, R; Grimaldi-Bensouda, L; Heming, N; Clair, B; Azabou, E; Mazeraud, A; Rohaut, B; Outin, H
Oral ivermectin for a scabies outbreak in a long-term care facility: potential value in preventing COVID-19 and associated mortality. journalArticle 2021 Bernigaud, C; Guillemot, D; Ahmed-Belkacem, A; Grimaldi-Bensouda, L; Lespine, A; Berry, F; Softic, L; Chenost, C; Do-Pham, G; Giraudeau, B; Fourati, S; Chosidow, O
COVID-19 containment measures and incidence of invasive bacterial disease journalArticle 2021 Smith, D R M; Opatowski, L
Randomized Cross Over Study Assessing the Efficacy of Non-invasive Stimulation of the Vagus Nerve in Patients With Axial Spondyloarthritis Resistant to Biotherapies: The ESNV-SPA Study Protocol. journalArticle 2021 Azabou, E; Bao, G; Costantino, F; Jacota, M; Lazizi, C; Nkam, L; Rottman, M; Roux, A L; Chevallier, S; Grimaldi, L; Breban, M
Hospital contact patterns and vulnerability to SARS-CoV-2 outbreaks journalArticle 2022 Shirreff, George; Huynh, Bich-Tram; Duval, Audrey; Cristina Pereira, Lara; Annane, Djillali; Dinh, Aurélien; Lambotte, Olivier; Bulifon, Sophie; Guichardon, Magali; Beaune, Sebastien; Toubiana, Julie; Kermovant-Duchemin, Elsa; Chéron, Gerard; Cordel, Hugues; Argaud, Laurent; Douplat, Marion; Abraham, Paul; Tazarourte, Karim; Martin-Gaujard, Géraldine; Vanhems, Philippe; Hilliquin, Delphine; Nguyen, Duc; Chelius, Guillaume; Fraboulet, Antoine; Temime, Laura; Opatowski, Lulla; Guillemot, Didier
Trends in bacterial sepsis incidence and mortality in {France} between 2015 and 2019 based on {National} {Health} {Data} {System} ({Système} {National} des données de {Santé} ({SNDS})): a retrospective observational study journalArticle 2022 Pandolfi, Fanny; Guillemot, Didier; Watier, Laurence; Brun-Buisson, Christian