Life at CESP

Life at CESP

Organisation of CESP

Direction of CESP

  • Bruno Falissard, University professor-hospital physician, Director

CESP governance

CESP is ensured by the collective of the team leaders and the management.

Concerning the institutional relations, the management of the CESP relies on :

  • for relationships with Paris South University: Florent de Vathaire and Alain Gardier
  • for relationships with UVSQ: Ziad Massy
  • for relations with Gustave Roussy: Stefan Michiels

International scientific advisory board (ISAB)

CESP is advised on its strategic scientific directions by an international scientific council. Its members are:

  • Albert HOFMAN, Havard School of Public Health, USA
  • Jean-Claude DESENCLOS, Santé Publique France
  • Elisabete WEIDERPASS, IARC
  • Jürgen REHM, Social and Epidemiological Research (SER) Department, CAMH, Addiction Policy, Dalla Lana School of Public Health, Univ Toronto, Canada, and Epidemio Research Unit, Klini Psycho & Psychotherapie, Dresden, Germany
  • Michal ABRAHAMOVICZ, McGill University, Montréal, Canada
  • Philip Alan GORWOOD, CH Saint-Anne, France,
  • Cécile ROUSSEAU, McGill University, Montréal , Canada

CESP Council

Management also receives advice about its organizational decisions from the CESP Council (members elected for 5-year terms, staff representatives), which meets twice a year.

Coordination of Scientific  Events

Mireille Cosquer, Sylvie Escolano, Claire Farina, Mariam Karimi are in charge of the scientific animation of the CESP.

They organize about 4 times a year the transversal seminars, around specific themes:

Mediation analysis

Social inequalities in health

Analysis of trajectories ...Marie Metzger, Virginie Ringa, Alexandra Rouquette, and Thérèse Truong are responsible for coordination of scientific events at CESP.

They organize the monthly CESP seminars, as well as cross-group seminars around specific themes

  • Analysis of mediation
  • Social inequalities in health
  • Trajectory analysis …

Moreover, specific seminars are organized by the teams

  • Seminars in the epistemology and methodology of biomedical research
  • Seminars in genetics
  • Seminars in text-mining
  • Soquali seminars (qualitative methodological supervision in clinical research)
  • Iniquali seminars (Initiation to qualitative approaches)

"Social" Activities

Once a year, the CESP puts the CESP cup back into play during a ping-pong tournament played in the fall.

In the summer, the CESP games gather around a picnic, in the garden of the 15/16 building, all those who want to expend some energy (slake line, Swedish bowling, badminton...)

Organisational chart