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Pharmacologie - Neurosciences - Comportement murin
Résumé de l'activité

The primary goal of my research is to develop methods, based on the application of optogenetic, for solving problems in biomedical research and medicine. As a research scientist under the supervision of Pr. Denis David in the laboratory of Pr. Alain Gardier and in tight collaboration with Pr. Rene Hen, I am applying my background in behavioral study to investigate how neural circuits are involved in mood in the context of disease states such as generalized anxiety. Specifically, I develop methods to combine optogenetics with recordings of neuronal ensemble activity in freely moving animals during behavior, such as in vivo microdialysis, to unravel the effects of neuronal activation in adjacent and in distant neuronal populations. We hypothesize that this approach will answer questions about the neurobiological basis of psychiatric disorders including anxiety, which we cannot do with present techniques.

My research, as a graduate student and postdoctoral fellow, focused on the role of the adult hippocampal neurogenesis on the anxiolytic/antidepressant-like activity induced by 5-HT4 receptor activation. My academic training in neuropsychopharmacology and extensive research background in behavioral study and in neurochemistry has provided me with a solid technical knowledge in immunochemistry, behavior and neurochemistry couples to optogenetic principles, design, and analysis. My research focus on biological applications in the fields of psychiatry disease and neuroscience has also provided me with a broad knowledge in the biomarker development and mouse models, and human preclinical studies.

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Univ. Paris Saclay

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Faculté de pharmacie Chatenay Malabry