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Neurologie - Geriatrie - Biologie du veillissement
Résumé de l'activité

Emmanuelle Duron-Garnier, MD, PhD, is professor of Geriatrics at Paris-Saclay University. She obtained her board qualification in neurology in 2004 and in geriatrics in 2006 and her PhD in 2011. She is currently head of the department of geriatrics in Paul-Brousse Hospital at Villejuif and member of the MOODS team since 2018. Before her current position, she was previously attached at Broca Hospital. Her clinical topics are the neuropsychology of elderly subjects and the Alzheimer’s disease of elderly patients. As a member of Gérond’IF, she coordinates research about elderlies and new technologies (augmented/virtual reality and reeducation, exoskeletons for nursing …).

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Université Paris Saclay

01 45 59 38 24

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