Economiste de la santé
Résumé de l'activité

Carine Franc is a senior health economics researcher at the French national Institute of Health and Medical Research, in a social science and public health multidisciplinary department.

Carine focuses her research on the study of the effects of economic incentives on individual behavior. Considering the provision of care, for example, many questions are raised by the generalization of payments for performance. What are the impacts of a monetary incentive on the strategic choices of a doctor and on his preferences? With theoretical and empirical approaches, her researches aim to investigate what kind of mechanism (monetary and non-monetary) can help to improve the effectiveness of care in primary care.

Considering the demand for care, she studies the respective role of public and private health insurances, the impact of the design of insurance coverage on health care demand and on inequalities in access to care.

Carine is also involved in teaching; she has responsibilities in the teaching of economics in Master of Public Health at the University of Paris 11. Carine is a member of the Board of the College of Health Economists in France.

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