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Résumé de l'activité

Having a Ph.D degree (in Bioinformatics) with significant Post-Doctoral and Clinical Data Management experience, I joined the Epidemiology and Radiation team as Project manager in Data Management and Bioinformatics. I am involved in two projects namely HARMONIC-RT and GENE-FCCSS.

Regarding HARMONIC-RT project, it is a collaborative project, which aims at better understanding the long-term health and social impact of medical exposure to ioni­sing radiation in children and adolescents, specifically (1) cancer patients treated with modern radiotherapy techniques and (2) cardiac patients treated with X-ray guided imaging procedures.  In HARMONIC-RT, I am working on the activities related to the administration of the centralized database of project (created under REDCap®) such as maintenance and management of the database, Coordination of data entry and transfer between the different partners, Quality control of the data collected (systematic consistency checks, creation of automatic reports for correction, cleaning of the base, etc.); Response to requests from various partners relating to the management of the database, ensuring technical support to research teams; Preparing data extraction for statistical analyzes and production of statistical reports and participation in the management of regulatory aspects.

With respect to the GENE-FCCSS, I am involved in the administration and quality control of the database as well as the coordination of genetic studies exploiting these data i.e. (whole genome sequencing analysis of the biological samples from the FCCSS study cohort to study the effect of DNA polymorphisms on the risks of non-cancerous pathologies associated with radiotherapy and chemotherapy using bioinformatics tools; Participate in the coordination of these studies, particularly with regard to the organization of interactions and relationships between the different stakeholders involved in order to ensure optimal operational implementation; Manage the ethical, administrative and IT aspects relating to collaborations with our National, International and European partners;  Collaborate to ensure regular updating of data relating to various analyzes and studies in the project context and participate in the development of scientific communications.

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