Publications pour l'équipe Neuroépidémiologie

Titre Publication Type Publication year Auteur
The gait speed advantage of taller stature is lost with age journalArticle 2018 Elbaz, A.; Artaud, F.; Dugravot, A.; Tzourio, C.; Singh-Manoux, A.
Smoking and Parkinson disease: Evidence for gene-by-smoking interactions journalArticle 2018 Lee, P. C.; Ahmed, I.; Loriot, M. A.; Mulot, C.; Paul, K. C.; Bronstein, J. M.; Ritz, B.; Elbaz, A.
NeuroChip, an updated version of the NeuroX genotyping platform to rapidly screen for variants associated with neurological diseases journalArticle 2017 Blauwendraat, C.; Faghri, F.; Pihlstrom, L.; Geiger, J. T.; Elbaz, A.; Lesage, S.; Corvol, J. C.; May, P.; Nicolas, A.; Abramzon, Y.; Murphy, N. A.; Gibbs, J. R.; Ryten, M.; Ferrari, R.; Bras, J.; Guerreiro, R.; Williams, J.; Sims, R.; Lubbe, S.; Hernandez, D. G.; Mok, K. Y.; Robak, L.; Campbell, R. H.; Rogaeva, E.; Traynor, B. J.; Chia, R.; Chung, S. J.; International Parkinson's Disease Genomics Consortium, Courage- P. D. Consortium; Hardy, J. A.; Brice, A.; Wood, N. W.; Houlden, H.; Shulman, J. M.; Morris, H. R.; Gasser, T.; Kruger, R.; Heutink, P.; Sharma, M.; Simon-Sanchez, J.; Nalls, M. A.; Singleton, A. B.; Scholz, S. W.
Obesity trajectories over 28 years and risk of dementia: a longitudinal study journalArticle 2017 Singh-Manoux, A.; Dugravot, A.; Shipley, M.; Brunner, E.J.; Elbaz, A.; Sabia, S.; Kivimaki, M.
Physical activity, cognitive decline, and risk of dementia: 28 year follow-up of Whitehall II cohort study journalArticle 2017 Sabia, S.; Dugravot, A.; Dartigues, J. F.; Abell, J.; Elbaz, A.; Kivimaki, M.; Singh-Manoux, A.
Accelerometer assessed moderate-to-vigorous physical activity and successful ageing: results from the Whitehall II study journalArticle 2017 Menai, M.; van Hees, V. T.; Elbaz, A.; Kivimaki, M.; Singh-Manoux, A.; Sabia, S.
Association of UV radiation with Parkinson disease incidence: A nationwide French ecologic study journalArticle 2017 Kravietz, A.; Kab, S.; Wald, L.; Dugravot, A.; Singh-Manoux, A.; Moisan, F.; Elbaz, A.
Nationwide incidence of motor neuron disease using the French health insurance information system database journalArticle 2017 Kab, S.; Moisan, F.; Preux, P. M.; Marin, B.; Elbaz, A.
Ideal Cardiovascular Health, Mortality, and Vascular Events in Elderly Subjects: The Three-City Study journalArticle 2017 Gaye, B.; Canonico, M.; Perier, M. C.; Samieri, C.; Berr, C.; Dartigues, J. F.; Tzourio, C.; Elbaz, A.; Empana, J. P.
Trends in Drug Prescription Rates for Dementia: An Observational Population-Based Study in France, 2006-2014 journalArticle 2017 Francois, M.; Sicsic, J.; Elbaz, A.; Pelletier Fleury, N.