Publications pour l'équipe Development and Affects 

Titre Publication Type Publication year Auteur
Intellectual, educational, and situation-based social outcome in adult survivors of childhood medulloblastoma journalArticle 2018 Kieffer, Virginie; Chevignard, Mathilde P.; Dellatolas, Georges; Puget, Stephanie; Dhermain, Frederic; Grill, Jacques; Valteau-Couanet, Dominique; Dufour, Christelle
Implementation of the Alarm Distress Baby Scale as a universal screening instrument in primary care: feasibility, acceptability, and predictors of professionals’ adherence to guidelines journalArticle 2018 Smith-Nielsen, Johanne; Lønfeldt, Nicole; Guedeney, Antoine; Væver, Mette Skovgaard
Are emotionally driven and addictive-like eating behaviors the missing links between psychological distress and greater body weight? journalArticle 2018 Bourdier, L.; Orri, M.; Carre, A.; Gearhardt, A. N.; Romo, L.; Dantzer, C.; Berthoz, S.
An early home based intervention for multirisk families bookSection 2018 Tereno, S.; Guedeney, A.; Greacen, T.; Guedeney, A.
PDD-NOS, psychotic features and executive function deficits in a boy with proximal 22q11.2 microduplication: Evolution of the psychiatric symptom profile from childhood to adolescence journalArticle 2018 Woestelandt, L.; Novo, A.; Philippe, A.; Guyaux, N.; Rio, M.; Romano, S.; Robel, L.
Mother-infant interaction assessment at discharge and at 6 months in a French cohort of infants born very preterm: The OLIMPE study journalArticle 2017 Cambonie, Gilles; Muller, Jean-Baptiste; Ehlinger, Virginie; Roy, Joël; Guédeney, Antoine; Lebeaux, Cécile; Kaminski, Monique; Alberge, Corine; Denizot, Sophie; Ancel, Pierre-Yves; Arnaud, Catherine; OLIMPE study writing group
Is alexithymia related to cannabis use disorder? Results from a case-control study in outpatient adolescent cannabis abusers journalArticle 2017 Dorard, Géraldine; Bungener, Catherine; Phan, Olivier; Edel, Yves; Corcos, Maurice; Berthoz, Sylvie
Identifying affective personality profiles: A latent profile analysis of the Affective Neuroscience Personality Scales journalArticle 2017 Orri, Massimiliano; Pingault, Jean-Baptiste; Rouquette, Alexandra; Lalanne, Christophe; Falissard, Bruno; Herba, Catherine; Côté, Sylvana M.; Berthoz, Sylvie
Epigenetic profiling of ADHD symptoms trajectories: a prospective, methylome-wide study journalArticle 2017 Walton, E.; Pingault, J.-B.; Cecil, C. a. M.; Gaunt, T. R.; Relton, C. L.; Mill, J.; Barker, E. D.
Time knowledge difficulties following treatment for malignant cerebellar tumors journalArticle 2017 Labrell, Florence; Câmara-Costa, Hugo; Kieffer, Virginie; Dellatolas, Georges