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L’impact de la pandémie Covid-19 sur la santé mentale des Français newspaperArticle 2022 Melchior, Maria; van der Waerden, Judith; Galera, Cédric; Davisse-Paturet, Camille; Vuillermoz, Cécile; Rouquette, Alexandra
SARS-CoV-2 seroprevalence in the adult detainees of the Paris area in 2021: A multicenter cross-sectional study. journalArticle 2022 Mellon, Guillaume; Rouquette, Alexandra; Fac, Catherine; Carton, Béatrice; Cordonnier, François; David, Emmanuelle; Goutte, Béatrice; Heulin, François; Kanoui, Valérie; Levasseur, Ludovic; Racle, Pascale; Silberman, Benjamin; Nehri, Kawther; Dulioust, Anne; Roque-Afonso, Anne-Marie
Efficacy and Safety of a Hyaluronic Acid-Containing Cream in the Treatment of Chronic, Venous, or Mixed-Origin Leg Ulcers: A Prospective, Multicenter Randomized Controlled Trial. journalArticle 2021 Mikosinski, Jacek; Di Landro, Anna; Kasztalska-Kazmierczak, Karolina; Soriano, Emilie; Caverzasio, Carol; Binelli, Daniela; Falissard, Bruno; Dereure, Olivier
Validation of the French version of the McLean screening instrument for borderline personality disorder (MSI-BPD) in an adolescent sample journalArticle 2020 Mirkovic, Bojan; Speranza, Mario; Cailhol, Lionel; Guelfi, Julien-Daniel; Perez-Diaz, Fernando; Corcos, Maurice; Robin, Marion; Pham-Scottez, Alexandra
Using a self-attention architecture to automate valence categorization of French teenagers’ free descriptions of their family relationships. A proof of concept. journalArticle Mohammed Sedki,Nathan Vidal,Paul Roux,Caroline Barry,Mario Speranza,Bruno Falissard,Eric Brunet-Gouet
Parents' depression and anxiety associated with hyperactivity-inattention and emotional symptoms in children during school closure due to COVID-19 in France. journalArticle 2023 Monnier, Maëva; Moulin, Flore; Bailhache, Marion; Thierry, Xavier; Vandentorren, Stéphanie; Côté, Sylvana; Falissard, Bruno; Simeon, Thierry; Geay, Bertrand; Marchand-Martin, Laetitia; Dufourg, Marie-Noelle; Charles, Marie-Aline; Ancel, Pierre-Yves; Melchior, Maria; Rouquette, Alexandra; Galera, Cédric
Children's mental and behavioral health, schooling, and socioeconomic characteristics during school closure in France due to COVID-19: the SAPRIS project. journalArticle 2021 Monnier, Maëva; Moulin, Flore; Thierry, Xavier; Vandentorren, Stéphanie; Côté, Sylvana; Barbosa, Susana; Falissard, Bruno; Plancoulaine, Sabine; Charles, Marie-Aline; Simeon, Thierry; Geay, Bertrand; Marchand, Laetitia; Ancel, Pierre-Yves; Melchior, Maria; Rouquette, Alexandra; Galera, Cédric
Longitudinal impact of psychosocial status on children's mental health in the context of COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. journalArticle 2023 Moulin, Flore; Bailhache, Marion; Monnier, Maëva; Thierry, Xavier; Vandentorren, Stéphanie; Côté, Sylvana M.; Falissard, Bruno; Simeon, Thierry; Geay, Bertrand; Marchand, Laeticia; Dufourg, Marie-Noëlle; Ancel, Pierre-Yves; Charles, Marie-Aline; Rouquette, Alexandra; Melchior, Maria; Galéra, Cédric
Risk and protective factors related to children's symptoms of emotional difficulties and hyperactivity/inattention during the COVID-19-related lockdown in France: results from a community sample. journalArticle 2022 Moulin, Flore; El-Aarbaoui, Tarik; Bustamante, Joel José Herranz; Héron, Mégane; Mary-Krause, Murielle; Rouquette, Alexandra; Galéra, Cédric; Melchior, Maria
Risk and protective factors related to children's symptoms of emotional difficulties and hyperactivity/inattention during the COVID-19-related lockdown in France: results from a community sample. journalArticle 2021 Moulin, Flore; El-Aarbaoui, Tarik; Bustamante, Joel José Herranz; Héron, Mégane; Mary-Krause, Murielle; Rouquette, Alexandra; Galéra, Cédric; Melchior, Maria
Association of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder in Childhood and Adolescence With the Risk of Subsequent Psychotic Disorder: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis. journalArticle 2021 Nourredine, Mikaïl; Gering, Adrien; Fourneret, Pierre; Rolland, Benjamin; Falissard, Bruno; Cucherat, Michel; Geoffray, Marie-Maude; Jurek, Lucie
Adherence to continuous positive airway pressure treatment in a cohort of elderly adults with newly diagnosed obstructive sleep apnea. journalArticle 2023 Onen, Fannie; Onen, Saban-Hakki; Le Vaillant, Marc; Gagnadoux, Frédéric; Martin, Francis
Sleep Disturbances in MCI and AD: Neuroinflammation as a Possible Mediating Pathway. journalArticle 2020 Pak, Victoria M.; Onen, S.-Hakki; Bliwise, Donald L.; Kutner, Nancy G.; Russell, Katherine L.; Onen, Fannie
Observation and Interview-based Diurnal Sleepiness Inventory for measurement of sleepiness in patients referred for narcolepsy or idiopathic hypersomnia. journalArticle 2020 Peter-Derex, Laure; Subtil, Fabien; Lemaitre, Guillaume; Ricordeau, François; Bastuji, Hélène; Bridoux, Agathe; Onen, Fannie; Onen, S.-Hakki
Medical students' learning processes the first time they role-play in psychiatry: A grounded theory study. journalArticle 2021 Piot, M.-A.; Köenig, M.; Michelet, D.; Loubière, C.; Layat Burn, C.; Rethans, J.-J.; Lemogne, C.; Hadchouel, A.; Cadwallader, J.-S.; Tesniere, A.; Falissard, B.
Apprentissage des étudiants en médecine lors de pédagogies par simulation humaine en psychiatrie. Revue systématique de la littérature et études qualitatives par théorisation ancrée thesis 2020 Piot, Marie aude; Falissard, Bruno; Tesniere, Antoine
Simulation Training in Psychiatry for Medical Education: A Review. journalArticle 2021 Piot, Marie-Aude; Attoe, Chris; Billon, Gregoire; Cross, Sean; Rethans, Jan-Joost; Falissard, Bruno
Simulation in psychiatry for medical doctors: A systematic review and meta-analysis journalArticle 2020 Piot, Marie-Aude; Dechartres, Agnès; Attoe, Chris; Jollant, Fabrice; Lemogne, Cédric; Layat Burn, Carine; Rethans, Jan-Joost; Michelet, Daphne; Cross, Sean; Billon, Gregoire; Guerrier, Gilles; Tesniere, Antoine; Falissard, Bruno
Effectiveness of simulation in psychiatry for nursing students, nurses and nurse practitioners: A systematic review and meta-analysis. journalArticle 2022 Piot, Marie-Aude; Dechartres, Agnès; Attoe, Chris; Romeo, Marie; Jollant, Fabrice; Billon, Grégoire; Cross, Sean; Lemogne, Cédric; Layat Burn, Carine; Michelet, Daphné; Guerrier, Gilles; Tesniere, Antoine; Rethans, Jan-Joost; Falissard, Bruno
Personal recovery of young adults with severe anorexia nervosa during adolescence: a case series journalArticle 2020 Piot, Marie-Aude; Gueguen, Juliette; Michelet, Daphné; Orri, Massimiliano; Köenig, Marie; Corcos, Maurice; Cadwallader, Jean-Sébastien; Godart, Nathalie
Medical Students' Learning Process During Simulated Patient Consultations in Psychiatry: A Grounded Theory Study. journalArticle 2023 Piot, Marie-Aude; Pham-Scottez, Alexandra; Bazziconi, Pierre-François; Lebailly, Thibaut; Le Moal, Valérie; Kalindjian, Nina; Sulimovic, Leslie; Duriez, Philibert; Lombardi, Laura; Barbotin, Bénédicte; Vinckier, Fabien; Burn, Carine Layat; Rethans, Jan-Joost; Tesnière, Antoine; Falissard, Bruno
Use of health care services among people with Covid-19 symptoms in the first pandemic peak in France journalArticle 2022 Pousson, Jeanna-Eve; Silberzan, Léna; Jusot, Florence; Meyer, Laurence; Warszawski, Josiane; Bajos, Nathalie; EpiCoV study group
Career Choice and Attractiveness of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry as a Medical Specialty: A National French Questionnaire Survey. journalArticle 2021 Revet, Alexis; Raynaud, Jean-Philippe; Marcelli, Daniel; Falissard, Bruno; Catheline, Nicole; Benvegnu, Grégoire
Specific Pathways From Adverse Experiences to BPD in Adolescence: A Criteria-Based Approach of Trauma. journalArticle 2021 Robin, Marion; Douniol, Marie; Pham-Scottez, Alexandra; Gicquel, Ludovic; Delvenne, Veronique; Nezelof, Sylvie; Speranza, Mario; Falissard, Bruno; Silva, Jerôme; Corcos, Maurice
Traumatisme et régulation émotionnelle chez l'adolescent ayant une personnalité limite thesis 2021 Robin, Marion; Falissard, Bruno
Impact of the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic on French Health students. journalArticle 2023 Rolland, F.; Frajerman, A.; Falissard, B.; Bertschy, G.; Diquet, B.; Marra, D.
Visit-to-Visit Blood Pressure Variability Is Associated With Cognitive Decline and Incident Dementia: The S.AGES Cohort journalArticle 2020 Rouch, Laure; Cestac, Philippe; Sallerin, Brigitte; Piccoli, Matthieu; Benattar-Zibi, Linda; Bertin, Philippe; Berrut, Gilles; Corruble, Emmanuelle; Derumeaux, Geneviève; Falissard, Bruno; Forette, Françoise; Pasquier, Florence; Pinget, Michel; Ourabah, Rissane; Danchin, Nicolas; Hanon, Olivier; Vidal, Jean-Sébastien; S.AGES investigators
Comparison of Depression and Anxiety Following Self-reported COVID-19-Like Symptoms vs SARS-CoV-2 Seropositivity in France. journalArticle 2023 Rouquette, Alexandra; Descarpentry, Arthur; Dione, Fallou; Falissard, Bruno; Legleye, Stéphane; Vuillermoz, Cécile; Pastorello, Anne; Meyer, Laurence; Warszawski, Josiane; Davisse-Paturet, Camille; Melchior, Maria
Health Literacy throughout adolescence: Invariance and validity study of three measurement scales in the general population. journalArticle 2021 Rouquette, Alexandra; Rigal, Laurent; Mancini, Julien; Guillemin, Francis; van den Broucke, Stephan; Allaire, Cécile; Azogui-Levy, Sylvie; Ringa, Virginie; Hassler, Christine
Quality of life assessment in diabetic patients: validity of the creole version of the EQ-5D-5L in Reunion Island. journalArticle 2023 Safieddine, Maissa; Bruneau, Lea; Soulaimana, Ibtissame; Debussche, Xavier; Lafarge, Sophie; Falissard, Bruno; Ferdynus, Cyril; Huiart, Laetitia
Clusters of diet, physical activity, television exposure and sleep habits and their association with adiposity in preschool children: the EDEN mother-child cohort. journalArticle 2020 Saldanha-Gomes, Cécilia; Marbac, Matthieu; Sedki, Mohammed; Cornet, Maxime; Plancoulaine, Sabine; Charles, Marie-Aline; Lioret, Sandrine; Dargent-Molina, Patricia
Statistics, philosophy, and health: the SMAC 2021 webconference. journalArticle 2022 Savy, Nicolas; Moodie, Erica Em; Drouet, Isabelle; Chambaz, Antoine; Falissard, Bruno; Kosorok, Michael R.; Krakow, Elizabeth F.; Mayo, Deborah G.; Senn, Stephen; Van der Laan, Mark
The experience of anaesthesiology care providers in temporary intensive care units during the COVID-19 pandemic in France: a qualitative study journalArticle Sélim Benjamin Guessoum,Maxime Marvaldi,Isaiah Thomas,Jonathan Lachal,Emilie Carretier,Marie Rose Moro,Laelia Benoit
Social Isolation Among Older Adults in the Time of COVID-19: A Gender Perspective journalArticle 2022 Silberzan, Léna; Martin, Claude; Bajos, Nathalie; Group, EpiCov Study; Bajos, Nathalie; Warszawski, Josiane; Bagein, Guillaume; Barlet, Muriel; Beck, François; Counil, Emilie; Jusot, Florence; Leduc, Aude; Lydie, Nathalie; Martin, Claude; Meyer, Laurence; Raynaud, Philippe; Rouquette, Alexandra; Pailhé, Ariane; Paliod, Nicolas; Rahib, Delphine; Sillard, Patrick; Slama, Rémy; Spire, Alexis
La prise en charge des enfants orphelins de retour de zone irako-syrienne : spécificités cliniques et institutionnelles journalArticle 2023 Souha Mansour Shehadeh, Marta Fumagalli, Mario Speranza et al
Analyse multimodaledes aspects non verbaux du stress en situation normale et pathologque. Dirigée par David Cohen & Bernard Gouyon thesis Spodenkiewicz Michel
Reperfusion therapy for acute ischemic stroke in older people: An observational real-life study. journalArticle 2021 Sudre, Justine; Venditti, Laura; Ancelet, Claire; Chassin, Olivier; Sarov, Mariana; Smadja, Didier; Chausson, Nicolas; Lun, François; Laine, Olga; Duron, Emmanuelle; Verny, Christiane; Spelle, Laurent; Rouquette, Alexandra; Legris, Nicolas; Denier, Christian
Resilience of people with chronic medical conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic: a 1-year longitudinal prospective survey. journalArticle 2022 Tarsitani, Lorenzo; Pinucci, Irene; Tedeschi, Federico; Patanè, Martina; Papola, Davide; Palantza, Christina; Acarturk, Ceren; Björkenstam, Emma; Bryant, Richard; Burchert, Sebastian; Davisse-Paturet, Camille; Díaz-García, Amanda; Farrel, Rachel; Fuhr, Daniela C.; Hall, Brian J.; Huizink, Anja C.; Lam, Agnes Iok Fong; Kurt, Gülşah; Leijen, Ingmar; Mittendorfer-Rutz, Ellenor; Morina, Naser; Panter-Brick, Catherine; Purba, Fredrick Dermawan; Quero, Soledad; Seedat, Soraya; Setyowibowo, Hari; van der Waerden, Judith; Pasquini, Massimo; Sijbrandij, Marit; Barbui, Corrado
Development and preliminary validation of the patient-reported Chronic Itch Burden Scale assessing health-related quality of life in chronic pruritus. journalArticle 2022 Theunis, J.; Nordon, C.; Falissard, B.; Orri, M.; Mengeaud, V.; Misery, L.
The French General Population's Perception of New Information and Communication Technologies for Medical Consultations: National Survey. journalArticle 2023 Touzani, Rajae; Dembele, Elodie; Schultz, Emilien; Rouquette, Alexandra; Seguin, Lorène; Dufour, Jean-Charles; Bannier, Marie; Mancini, Julien