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Author reply journalArticle 2023 Goueslard, Karine; Jollant, Fabrice; Cottenet, Jonathan; Bechraoui-Quantin, Sonia; Rozenberg, Patrick; Simon, Emmanuel; Quantin, Catherine
Diffusion of Minimally Invasive Approach for Lung Cancer Surgery in France: A Nationwide, Population-Based Retrospective Cohort Study journalArticle 2023 Bernard, Alain; Cottenet, Jonathan; Pages, Pierre-Benoit; Quantin, Catherine
Risk of non-fatal self-harm and premature mortality in the three years following hospitalization in adolescents and young adults with an eating disorder: A nationwide population-based study journalArticle 2023 Duriez, Philibert; Goueslard, Karine; Treasure, Janet; Quantin, Catherine; Jollant, Fabrice
Hospitalisation for non-lethal self-harm and premature mortality in the 3 years following adolescent pregnancy: Population-based nationwide cohort study journalArticle 2023 Goueslard, Karine; Jollant, Fabrice; Cottenet, Jonathan; Bechraoui-Quantin, Sonia; Rozenberg, Patrick; Simon, Emmanuel; Quantin, Catherine
Mortality and failure-to-rescue major complication trends after lung cancer surgery between 2005 and 2020: a nationwide population-based study journalArticle 2023 Bernard, Alain; Cottenet, Jonathan; Pagès, Pierre-Benoit; Quantin, Catherine
Ability of epidemiological studies to monitor HPV post-vaccination dynamics: a simulation study journalArticle 2023 Bonneault, Mélanie; Delarocque-Astagneau, Elisabeth; Flauder, Maxime; Bogaards, Johannes A.; Guillemot, Didier; Opatowski, Lulla; Thiébaut, Anne C. M.
Risk of hospitalization for self-harm among adults hospitalized with SARS-CoV-2 in France: A nationwide retrospective cohort study journalArticle 2023 Chauvet-Gelinier, Jean-Christophe; Cottenet, Jonathan; Guillaume, Matthieu; Endomba, Franck-Teddy; Jollant, Fabrice; Quantin, Catherine
Association between vaccination and the risk of central demyelination: results from a case-referent study journalArticle 2023 Grimaldi-Bensouda, Lamiae; Papeix, Caroline; Hamon, Yann; Benichou, Jacques; Abenhaim, Lucien
Statin Use and Incidence of Parkinson's Disease in Women from the French E3N Cohort Study journalArticle 2023 Nguyen, Thi Thu Ha; Fournier, Agnès; Courtois, Émeline; Artaud, Fanny; Escolano, Sylvie; Tubert-Bitter, Pascale; Boutron-Ruault, Marie-Christine; Degaey, Isabelle; Roze, Emmanuel; Canonico, Marianne; Ahmed, Ismaïl; Thiébaut, Anne C. M.; Elbaz, Alexis
Background rates of adverse events of special interest for COVID-19 vaccines: A multinational Global Vaccine Data Network (GVDN) analysis journalArticle 2023 Phillips, A.; Jiang, Y.; Walsh, D.; Andrews, N.; Artama, M.; Clothier, H.; Cullen, L.; Deng, L.; Escolano, S.; Gentile, A.; Gidding, G.; Giglio, N.; Junker, T.; Huang, W.; Janjua, N.; Kwong, J.; Li, J.; Nasreen, S.; Naus, M.; Naveed, Z.; Pillsbury, A.; Stowe, J.; Vo, T.; Buttery, J.; Petousis-Harris, H.; Black, S.; Hviid, A.
Time to onset of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular outcomes after hypertensive disorders of pregnancy: a nationwide, population-based retrospective cohort study journalArticle 2023 Simon, Emmanuel; Bechraoui-Quantin S, Sonia; Tapia, Solène; Cottenet, Jonathan; Mariet, Anne-Sophie; Cottin, Yves; Giroud, Maurice; Eicher, Jean-Christophe; Thilaganathan, Basky; Quantin, Catherine
Ravages: An R package for the simulation and analysis of rare variants in multicategory phenotypes journalArticle 2023 Bocher, Ozvan; Marenne, Gaëlle; Génin, Emmanuelle; Perdry, Hervé
Incidence of new-onset type 1 diabetes during Covid-19 pandemic: A French nationwide population-based study journalArticle 2023 Mariet, Anne-Sophie; Petit, Jean-Michel; Benzenine, Eric; Quantin, Catherine; Bouillet, Benjamin
Is there variation between hospitals within each region in postoperative mortality for lung cancer surgery in France? A nationwide study from 2013 to 2020 journalArticle 2023 Bernard, Alain; Cottenet, Jonathan; Pages, Pierre-Benoit; Quantin, Catherine
Major postpartum haemorrhage after frozen embryo transfer: A population-based study journalArticle 2023 Al-Khatib, Amélie; Sagot, Paul; Cottenet, Jonathan; Aroun, Massinissa; Quantin, Catherine; Desplanches, Thomas
Using LASSO regression to estimate the population-level impact of pneumococcal conjugate vaccines journalArticle 2023 Wong, Anabelle; Kramer, Sarah C.; Piccininni, Marco; Rohmann, Jessica L.; Kurth, Tobias; Escolano, Sylvie; Grittner, Ulrike; de Cellès, Matthieu Domenech
Hospitalization for physical child abuse: Associated medical factors and medical history since birth journalArticle 2023 Loiseau, Mélanie; Cottenet, Jonathan; François-Purssell, Irène; Bechraoui-Quantin, Sonia; Jud, Andreas; Gilard-Pioc, Séverine; Quantin, Catherine
Ten deprescribing articles you should know about: A guide for newcomers to the field journalArticle 2023 Thompson, Wade; Reeve, Emily; McDonald, Emily G.; Farrell, Barbara; Scott, Sion; Steinman, Michael A.; Morin, Lucas; Lundby, Carina
Comparison of cohort and nested case-control designs for estimating the effect of time-varying drug exposure on the risk of adverse event in the presence of ties journalArticle 2023 Manitchoko, Liliane; Abrahamowicz, Michal; Tubert-Bitter, Pascale; Benichou, Jacques; Thiébaut, Anne C. M.
[Child maltreatment and Covid-19: A crisis within a crisis] journalArticle 2023 Loiseau, Mélanie; Cottenet, Jonathan; Gilard-Pioc, Séverine; François-Purssell, Irène; Mikaeloff, Yann; Quantin, Catherine
Impact of the First COVID-19 Wave on French Hospitalizations for Myocardial Infarction and Stroke: A Retrospective Cohort Study journalArticle 2022 Mariet, Anne-Sophie; Duloquin, Gauthier; Benzenine, Eric; Roussot, Adrien; Pommier, Thibaut; Eicher, Jean-Christophe; Baptiste, Laura; Giroud, Maurice; Cottin, Yves; Béjot, Yannick; Quantin, Catherine
Hospitalizations for Anorexia Nervosa during the COVID-19 Pandemic in France: A Nationwide Population-Based Study journalArticle 2022 Chauvet-Gelinier, Jean-Christophe; Roussot, Adrien; Vergès, Bruno; Petit, Jean-Michel; Jollant, Fabrice; Quantin, Catherine
Trends of Myocarditis and Endocarditis Cases before, during, and after the First Complete COVID-19-Related Lockdown in 2020 in France journalArticle 2022 Pommier, Thibaut; Benzenine, Eric; Bernard, Chloé; Mariet, Anne-Sophie; Béjot, Yannick; Giroud, Maurice; Morgant, Marie-Catherine; Steinmetz, Eric; Guenancia, Charles; Bouchot, Olivier; Quantin, Catherine
Impact of the first COVID-19 pandemic peak and lockdown on the interventional management of carotid artery stenosis in France journalArticle 2022 Crespy, Valentin; Benzenine, Eric; Mariet, Anne-Sophie; Baudry, Anna; Bernard, Chloe; Bejot, Yannick; Giroud, Maurice; Steinmetz, Eric; Quantin, Catherine
OntoBioStat: Supporting Causal Diagram Design and Analysis journalArticle 2022 Pressat Laffouilhère, Thibaut; Grosjean, Julien; Bénichou, Jacques; Darmoni, Stefan J.; Soualmia, Lina F.
Five-year absolute risk estimates of colorectal cancer based on CCRAT model and polygenic risk scores: A validation study using the Quebec population-based cohort CARTaGENE journalArticle 2022 Jantzen, Rodolphe; Payette, Yves; de Malliard, Thibault; Labbé, Catherine; Noisel, Nolwenn; Broët, Philippe
Self-harm, somatic disorders and mortality in the 3 years following a hospitalisation in psychiatry in adolescents and young adults journalArticle 2022 Jollant, Fabrice; Goueslard, Karine; Hawton, Keith; Quantin, Catherine
Topical Antibiotic Prophylaxis and Intravitreal Injections: Impact on the Incidence of Acute Endophthalmitis-A Nationwide Study in France from 2009 to 2018 journalArticle 2022 Baudin, Florian; Benzenine, Eric; Mariet, Anne-Sophie; Ghezala, Inès Ben; Bron, Alain M.; Daien, Vincent; Gabrielle, Pierre-Henry; Quantin, Catherine; Creuzot-Garcher, Catherine
"A Delicate balance"-Perceptions and Experiences of ICU Physicians and Nurses Regarding Controlled Donation After Circulatory Death. A Qualitative Study journalArticle 2022 Le Dorze, Matthieu; Martouzet, Sara; Cassiani-Ingoni, Etienne; Roussin, France; Mebazaa, Alexandre; Morin, Lucas; Kentish-Barnes, Nancy
Where to begin? Thirty must-read papers for newcomers to pharmacoepidemiology journalArticle 2022 Pottegård, Anton; Morin, Lucas; Hallas, Jesper; Gerhard, Tobias; Winterstein, Almut G.; Perez-Gutthann, Susanna; Tadrous, Mina
Increase in American Joint Committee on Cancer Stage at Diagnosis for Patients with Skin Cancers after the COVID-19 Lockdown journalArticle 2022 Nardin, Charlée; Senot, Lise; Pernot, Paul; Puzenat, Eve; Aubin, François; Morin, Lucas
Abord de l'épidémiologie des cancers par des données de registre et des données médico-administratives : complémentarité des deux approches. thesis 2022 Simon, Julien; Quantin, Catherine
Machine learning predicts response to TNF inhibitors in rheumatoid arthritis: results on the ESPOIR and ABIRISK cohorts journalArticle 2022 Bouget, Vincent; Duquesne, Julien; Hassler, Signe; Cournède, Paul-Henry; Fautrel, Bruno; Guillemin, Francis; Pallardy, Marc; Broët, Philippe; Mariette, Xavier; Bitoun, Samuel
Mediolateral episiotomy and risk of obstetric anal sphincter injuries and adverse neonatal outcomes during operative vaginal delivery in nulliparous women: a propensity-score analysis journalArticle 2022 Desplanches, Thomas; Marchand-Martin, Laetitia; Szczepanski, Emilie-Denise; Ruillier, Marie; Cottenet, Jonathan; Semama, Denis; Simon, Emmanuel; Quantin, Catherine; Sagot, Paul
A Genetic Association Test Accounting for Skewed X-Inactivation With Application to Biotherapy Immunogenicity in Patients With Autoimmune Diseases journalArticle 2022 Hässler, Signe; Camilleri-Broët, Sophie; Allez, Matthieu; Deisenhammer, Florian; Fogdell-Hahn, Anna; Mariette, Xavier; Pallardy, Marc; Broët, Philippe
Analyzing cohort studies with interval-censored data: A new model-based linear rank-type test journalArticle 2022 Jantzen, Rodolphe; Tubert-Bitter, Pascale; Broët, Philippe
Impact of SARS-CoV-2 infection on risk of prematurity, birthweight and obstetric complications: A multivariate analysis from a nationwide, population-based retrospective cohort study journalArticle 2022 Simon, Emmanuel; Gouyon, Jean-Bernard; Cottenet, Jonathan; Bechraoui-Quantin, Sonia; Rozenberg, Patrick; Mariet, Anne-Sophie; Quantin, Catherine
Self-harm hospitalization following bariatric surgery in adolescents and young adults journalArticle 2022 Goueslard, K.; Jollant, F.; Petit, J. M.; Quantin, C.
Correction: Impact of nutritional status on heart failure mortality: a retrospective cohort study journalArticle 2022 Carime, Nafz Abdoul; Cottenet, Jonathan; Clerfond, Guillaume; Eschalier, Romain; Quilliot, Didier; Eicher, JeanChristophe; Joly, Bertrand; Quantin, Catherine
Novel threshold value of midnight serum cortisol for diagnosis of hypercortisolism using the Roche Cortisol II assay journalArticle 2022 Noel, Marc-Michel; Fraissinet, François; Lefebvre, Hervé; Benichou, Jacques; Brunel, Valéry; Ziegler, Frédéric