Publications pour l'équipe Épidémiologie respiratoire intégrative

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Household Use of Green Cleaning Products, Disinfecting Wipes, and Asthma Control Among Adults journalArticle 2023 Silva, Emilie Pacheco Da; Varraso, Raphaëlle; Lenzotti, Anne-Marine; Fezeu, Léopold K.; Sit, Guillaume; Galan, Pilar; Hercberg, Serge; Touvier, Mathilde; Paris, Christophe; Dumas, Orianne; Moual, Nicole Le
Chapter 4 - Gender differences and sex-related hormonal factors in asthma bookSection 2023 Leynaert, Bénédicte; Real, Francisco Gómez; Idrose, N. Sabrina; Dharmage, Shyamali C.
Long-term adherence to healthful and unhealthful plant-based diets and breast cancer risk overall and by hormone receptor and histologic subtypes among postmenopausal females journalArticle 2023 Shah, Sanam; Mahamat-Saleh, Yahya; Ait-Hadad, Wassila; Koemel, Nicholas A.; Varraso, Raphaëlle; Boutron-Ruault, Marie-Christine; Laouali, Nasser
The exposome in respiratory diseases: multiple preventable risk factors from early life to adulthood journalArticle 2023 Savouré, Marine; Eminson, Katie; Sese, Lucile; Dumas, Orianne; Cai, Yutong Samuel
Plant-Based Diets and the Incidence of Asthma Symptoms among Elderly Women, and the Mediating Role of Body Mass Index journalArticle 2023 Ait-hadad, Wassila; Bédard, Annabelle; Delvert, Rosalie; Orsi, Laurent; Chanoine, Sébastien; Dumas, Orianne; Laouali, Nasser; Le Moual, Nicole; Leynaert, Bénédicte; Siroux, Valérie; Boutron-Ruault, Marie-Christine; Varraso, Raphaëlle
Exposure to Disinfectants and Cleaning Products and Respiratory Health of Workers and Children in Daycares: The CRESPI Cohort Protocol journalArticle 2023 Le Moual, Nicole; Dumas, Orianne; Bonnet, Pierre; Eworo Nchama, Anastasie; Le Bot, Barbara; Sévin, Etienne; Pin, Isabelle; Siroux, Valérie; Mandin, Corinne; The CRESPI Study Group
Associations between greenness and rhinitis in the Constances cohort journalArticle 2023 Savouré, Marine; Altucher, Rose; Lequy, Emeline; Bousquet, Jean; Goldberg, Marcel; Leynaert, Bénédicte; Ribet, Céline; Zins, Marie; Nadif, Rachel; Jacquemin, Bénédicte
Chapter 5 - Diet and asthma bookSection 2023 Varraso, Raphaëlle; Li, Zhen; Bedard, Annabelle; Camargo, Jr. , Carlos A.
Healthful and Unhealthful Plant-Based Diets and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease in U.S. Adults: Prospective Study journalArticle 2023 Varraso, Raphaëlle; Dumas, Orianne; Tabung, Fred K.; Boggs, Krislyn M.; Fung, Teresa T.; Hu, Frank; Giovannucci, Edward; Speizer, Frank E.; Willett, Walter C.; Camargo, Carlos A.
Asthma is associated with increased severity and duration of rhinitis: A study with the Allergic Rhinitis and its Impact on Asthma classes in the Constances cohort journalArticle 2023 Savouré, Marine; Bousquet, Jean; Leynaert, Bénédicte; Ribet, Céline; Goldberg, Marcel; Zins, Marie; Jacquemin, Bénédicte; Nadif, Rachel
Time trends in the prevalence of asthma in French schoolchildren journalArticle 2023 Delmas, Marie-Christine; Marguet, Christophe; Leynaert, Bénédicte
The exposome concept: how has it changed our understanding of environmental causes of chronic respiratory diseases? journalArticle 2023 Guillien, Alicia; Ghosh, Manosij; Gille, Thomas; Dumas, Orianne
“Under pressure”: should we use diaphragm excursion to predict weaning success in patients receiving pressure support ventilation? journalArticle 2023 Sabourin, Emma; Carpentier, Christophe; Lai, Christopher; Monnet, Xavier; Pham, Tài
Weaning from mechanical ventilation in intensive care units across 50 countries (WEAN SAFE): a multicentre, prospective, observational cohort study journalArticle 2023 Pham, Tài; Heunks, Leo; Bellani, Giacomo; Madotto, Fabiana; Aragao, Irene; Beduneau, Gaëtan; Goligher, Ewan C.; Grasselli, Giacomo; Laake, Jon Henrik; Mancebo, Jordi; Peñuelas, Oscar; Piquilloud, Lise; Pesenti, Antonio; Wunsch, Hannah; Haren, Frank van; Brochard, Laurent; Laffey, John G.; Abrough, Fekri; Acharya, Subhash P.; Amin, Pravin; Arabi, Yaseen; Aragao, Irene; Bauer, Philippe; Beduneau, Gaëtan; Beitler, Jeremy; Berkius, Johan; Bugedo, Guillermo; Camporota, Luigi; Cerny, Vladimir; Cho, Young-Jae; Clarkson, Kevin; Estenssoro, Elisa; Goligher, Ewan; Grasselli, Giacomo; Gritsan, Alexey; Hashemian, Seyed Mohammadreza; Hermans, Greet; Heunks, Leo M.; Jovanovic, Bojan; Kurahashi, Kiyoyasu; Laake, Jon Henrik; Matamis, Dimitrios; Moerer, Onnen; Molnar, Zsolt; Ozyilmaz, Ezgi; Panka, Bernardo; Papali, Alfred; Peñuelas, Óscar; Perbet, Sébastien; Piquilloud, Lise; Qiu, Haibo; Razek, Assem Abdel; Rittayamai, Nuttapol; Roldan, Rollin; Neto, Ary Serpa; Szuldrzynski, Konstanty; Talmor, D
Chapter 1 - Asthma: From one disease to endotypes bookSection 2023 Nadif, Rachel; Savouré, Marine
Longitudinal associations of household use of cleaning agents and asthma symptoms in women: the EGEA study journalArticle 2023 Silva, Emilie Pacheco Da; Ngutuka, Mélanie; Dumas, Orianne; Orsi, Laurent; Ait-hadad, Wassila; Lemire, Pierre; Quentin, Joane; Pin, Isabelle; Varraso, Raphäelle; Siroux, Valérie; Moual, Nicole Le
Do You Inquire About Hormonal Treatment in Female Patients Consulting for New Onset Asthma or Asthma Exacerbation? journalArticle 2023 Leynaert, Bénédicte; Litonjua, Augusto A.
Chapter 6 - Indoor air and respiratory health: Volatile organic compounds and cleaning products bookSection 2023 Casas, Lidia; Dumas, Orianne; Le Moual, Nicole
Maternal Diet Quality during Pregnancy and Allergic and Respiratory Multimorbidity Clusters in Children from the EDEN Mother–Child Cohort journalArticle 2023 Delvert, Rosalie; Ghozal, Manel; Adel-Patient, Karine; Kadawathagedara, Manik; Heude, Barbara; Charles, Marie-Aline; Annesi-Maesano, Isabella; Tafflet, Muriel; Leynaert, Bénédicte; Varraso, Raphaëlle; de Lauzon-Guillain, Blandine; Bédard, Annabelle
Determinants of mouldy area size in dwellings from the French CONSTANCES population-based cohort journalArticle 2023 Tsiavia, Tajidine; Fréalle, Emilie; Bex, Valérie; Dumas, Orianne; Goldberg, Marcel; Le Moual, Nicole; Ribet, Celine; Roche, Nicolas; Savouré, Marine; Zins, Marie; Leynaert, Bénédicte; Orsi, Laurent; Nadif, Rachel
Association between household cleaning product exposure in infancy and development of recurrent wheeze and asthma journalArticle 2023 Baroni, Isis F.; Mehta, Geneva D.; Sullivan, Ashley F.; Camargo Jr., Carlos A.; Dumas, Orianne
Rhinitis phenotypes and multimorbidities in the general population: the CONSTANCES cohort journalArticle 2023 Savouré, Marine; Bousquet, Jean; Leynaert, Bénédicte; Renuy, Adeline; Siroux, Valérie; Goldberg, Marcel; Zins, Marie; Jacquemin, Bénédicte; Nadif, Rachel
Update on irritant-induced occupational asthma journalArticle 2023 Ronsmans, Steven; Le Moual, Nicole; Dumas, Orianne
Plasma thymic stromal lymphopoietin (TSLP) in adults with non-severe asthma: the EGEA study journalArticle 2023 Ibrahim, Bakari; Achour, Djamal; Zerimech, Farid; Nadai, Patricia de; Siroux, Valerie; Tsicopoulos, Anne; Matran, Régis; Granger, Vanessa; Nadif, Rachel
Phenotypes of rhinitis : identification and association with long-term exposure to air pollution in two French studies thesis 2023 Savouré, Marine; Nadif, Rachel; Jacquemin, Bénédicte
Indoor visible moulds and rhinitis in adults: The EGEA study journalArticle 2023 Orsi, Laurent; Savouré, Marine; Bousquet, Jean; Jacquemin, Bénédicte; Siroux, Valérie; Jaakkola, Maritta S.; Jaakkola, Jouni J. K.; Leynaert, Bénédicte; Nadif, Rachel
ERS International Congress 2022: highlights from the Epidemiology and Environment Assembly journalArticle 2023 Parkin, James G. H.; Delgado-Ortiz, Laura; Delvert, Rosalie; Ghosh, Manosij; Korkontzelou, Aliki; Patil, Sarang; Savouré, Marine; Jankowski, Mateusz; Dumas, Orianne
Chapter 7 - Outdoor air pollution and asthma in a changing climate bookSection 2023 Jacquemin, Bénédicte; Burte, Emilie; Savouré, Marine; Heinrich, Joachim
Chapter 3 - Airway microbiome and asthma bookSection 2023 Dumas, Orianne; Toivonen, Laura; Li, Zhen; Hasegawa, Kohei; Camargo, , Carlos A.
Relationship of Extravascular Lung Water and Pulmonary Vascular Permeability to Respiratory Mechanics in Patients with COVID-19-Induced ARDS journalArticle 2023 Lardet, Florian; Monnet, Xavier; Teboul, Jean-Louis; Shi, Rui; Lai, Christopher; Fossé, Quentin; Moretto, Francesca; Gobé, Thibaut; Jelinski, Ludwik; Combet, Margot; Pavot, Arthur; Guérin, Laurent; Pham, Tài
Response to: Correspondence on “Association between occupational exposure to irritant agents and a distinct asthma endotype in adults” by Andrianjafimasy et al journalArticle 2022 Andrianjafimasy, Miora Valérie; Febrissy, Mickaël; Zerimech, Farid; Dananché, Brigitte; Kromhout, Hans; Matran, Régis; Nadif, Mohamed; Oberson-Geneste, Dominique; Quinot, Catherine; Schlünssen, Vivi; Siroux, Valérie; Zock, Jan-Paul; Moual, Nicole Le; Nadif, Rachel; Dumas, Orianne
Genome-Wide Association Study of Fluorescent Oxidation Products Accounting for Tobacco Smoking Status in Adults from the French EGEA Study journalArticle 2022 Orsi, Laurent; Margaritte-Jeannin, Patricia; Andrianjafimasy, Miora; Dumas, Orianne; Mohamdi, Hamida; Bouzigon, Emmanuelle; Demenais, Florence; Matran, Régis; Zerimech, Farid; Nadif, Rachel; Dizier, Marie-Hélène
Outdoor Mold and Respiratory Health: State of Science of Epidemiological Studies journalArticle 2022 Caillaud, Denis; Keirsbulck, Marion; Leger, Charlotte; Leynaert, Benedicte
Blood eosinophil cationic protein and eosinophil-derived neurotoxin are associated with different asthma expression and evolution in adults journalArticle 2022 Granger, Vanessa; Zerimech, Farid; Arab, Jinan; Siroux, Valerie; Nadai, Patricia de; Tsicopoulos, Anne; Matran, Régis; Akiki, Zeina; Nadif, Rachel
Household use of green and homemade cleaning products, wipe application mode, and asthma among French adults from the CONSTANCES cohort journalArticle 2022 Pacheco Da Silva, Emilie; Sit, Guillaume; Goldberg, Marcel; Leynaert, Bénédicte; Nadif, Rachel; Ribet, Céline; Roche, Nicolas; Zins, Marie; Varraso, Raphaëlle; Dumas, Orianne; Le Moual, Nicole
Expositions professionnelles et santé respiratoire dans la cohorte Constances thesis 2022 Ibrahim, Bakari; Dumas, Orianne; Nadif, Rachel
How to peer review: practical advice for early career researchers journalArticle 2022 Mathioudakis, Alexander G.; Wagner, Darcy; Dumas, Orianne
Association between occupational exposure to irritant agents and a distinct asthma endotype in adults journalArticle 2022 Andrianjafimasy, Miora Valérie; Febrissy, Mickaël; Zerimech, Farid; Dananché, Brigitte; Kromhout, Hans; Matran, Régis; Nadif, Mohamed; Oberson-Geneste, Dominique; Quinot, Catherine; Schlünssen, Vivi; Siroux, Valérie; Zock, Jan-Paul; Moual, Nicole Le; Nadif, Rachel; Dumas, Orianne
Association between household cleaning product profiles evaluated by the Ménag’Score® index and asthma symptoms among women from the SEPAGES cohort journalArticle 2022 Lemire, Pierre; Chevallier, Emmanuel; Lyon-Caen, Sarah; Sévin, Etienne; Boudier, Anne; Pacheco Da Silva, Emilie; De Thuin, Christian; Slama, Rémy; Dumas, Orianne; Siroux, Valérie; Le Moual, Nicole; Eyriey, E.; Licinia, A.; Vellement, A.; Pin, I.; Hoffmann, P.; Hullo, E.; Llerena, C.; Morin, X.; Morlot, A.; Lepeule, J.; Lyon-Caen, S.; Philippat, C.; Pin, I.; Quentin, J.; Siroux, V.; Slama, R.; The SEPAGES Study Group