Publications pour l'équipe Dépression

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The association of beta-arrestin2 polymorphisms with response to antidepressant treatment in depressed patients journalArticle 2018 Petit, A. C.; El Asmar, K.; David, D. J.; Gardier, A. M.; Becquemont, L.; Feve, B.; Verstuyft, C.; Corruble, E.
Optogenetic activation of granule cells in the dorsal dentate gyrus enhances dopaminergic neurotransmission in the Nucleus Accumbens journalArticle 2017 Tritschler, L.; Kheirbek, M. A.; Dantec, Y. L.; Mendez-David, I.; Guilloux, J. P.; Faye, C.; Doan, J.; Pham, T. H.; Hen, R.; David, D. J.; Gardier, A. M.
Plasma BDNF Level in Major Depression: Biomarker of the Val66Met BDNF Polymorphism and of the Clinical Course in Met Carrier Patients journalArticle 2017 Colle, R.; Trabado, S.; David, D. J.; Brailly-Tabard, S.; Hardy, P.; Falissard, B.; Feve, B.; Becquemont, L.; Verstuyft, C.; Corruble, E.
Neurobiological mechanisms of stress resilience and implications for the aged population journalArticle 2017 Faye, C.; McGowan, J. C.; Denny, C. A.; David, D. J.
Serotonin Signaling through Prefrontal Cortex 5-HT1A Receptors during Adolescence Can Determine Baseline Mood-Related Behaviors journalArticle 2017 Garcia-Garcia, A. L.; Meng, Q.; Canetta, S.; Gardier, A. M.; Guiard, B. P.; Kellendonk, C.; Dranovsky, A.; Leonardo, E. D.
S 38093, a histamine H3 antagonist/inverse agonist, promotes hippocampal neurogenesis and improves context discrimination task in aged mice journalArticle 2017 Guilloux, J. P.; Samuels, B. A.; Mendez-David, I.; Hu, A.; Levinstein, M.; Faye, C.; Mekiri, M.; Mocaer, E.; Gardier, A. M.; Hen, R.; Sors, A.; David, D. J.
Chronic corticosterone administration effects on behavioral emotionality in female c57bl6 mice journalArticle 2017 Mekiri, M.; Gardier, A. M.; David, D. J.; Guilloux, J. P.
S 47445 Produces Antidepressant- and Anxiolytic-Like Effects through Neurogenesis Dependent and Independent Mechanisms journalArticle 2017 Mendez-David, I.; Guilloux, J. P.; Papp, M.; Tritschler, L.; Mocaer, E.; Gardier, A. M.; Bretin, S.; David, D. J.
Ketamine treatment involves medial prefrontal cortex serotonin to induce a rapid antidepressant-like activity in BALB/cJ mice journalArticle 2017 Pham, T. H.; Mendez-David, I.; Defaix, C.; Guiard, B. P.; Tritschler, L.; David, D. J.; Gardier, A. M.
Quantification of Chronic Oxaliplatin-Induced Hypesthesia in Two Areas of the Hand journalArticle 2017 Andriamamonjy, M.; Delmotte, J. B.; Savinelli, F.; Beaussier, H.; Coudore, F.