Publications pour l'équipe Soins Primaires et Prévention

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Two morbidity indices developed in a nationwide population permitted performant outcome-specific severity adjustment journalArticle 2018 Constantinou, Panayotis; Tuppin, Philippe; Fagot-Campagna, Anne; Gastaldi-Ménager, Christelle; Schellevis, François G.; Pelletier-Fleury, Nathalie
Age Invariance of the Cannabis Abuse Screening Test in a Probabilistic Sample of Cannabis Users journalArticle 2018 Legleye, Stéphane; Rouquette, Alexandra
General Practitioner trainers prescribe fewer antibiotics in primary care: Evidence from France journalArticle 2018 Devillers, Louise; Sicsic, Jonathan; Delbarre, Angelique; Le Bel, Josselin; Ferrat, Emilie; Saint Lary, Olivier
Comment on the Association of Hormonal Contraception With Suicide Attempts and Suicides journalArticle 2018 Berlin, Ivan; Aubin, Henri-Jean; Thomas, Daniel
Description and assessment of trustability of motives for self-exclusion reported by online poker gamblers in a cohort using account-based gambling data journalArticle 2018 Luquiens, Amandine; Vendryes, Delphine; Aubin, Henri-Jean; Benyamina, Amine; Gaiffas, Stéphane; Bacry, Emmanuel
Baclofen for the treatment of alcohol use disorder: the Cagliari Statement journalArticle 2018 Agabio, Roberta; Sinclair, Julia MA; Addolorato, Giovanni; Aubin, Henri-Jean; Beraha, Esther M; Caputo, Fabio; Chick, Jonathan D; de La Selle, Patrick; Franchitto, Nicolas; Garbutt, James C; Haber, Paul S; Heydtmann, Mathis; Jaury, Philippe; Lingford-Hughes, Anne R; Morley, Kirsten C; Müller, Christian A; Owens, Lynn; Pastor, Adam; Paterson, Louise M; Pélissier, Fanny; Rolland, Benjamin; Stafford, Amanda; Thompson, Andrew; van den Brink, Wim; de Beaurepaire, Renaud; Leggio, Lorenzo
Identification des freins au dépistage de l’anévrisme de l’aorte abdominale en médecine générale : étude qualitative auprès de 14 médecins généralistes exerçant à Paris journalArticle 2018 Niclot, J.; Stansal, A.; Saint-Lary, O.; Lazareth, I.; Priollet, P.
Elective abortion: Clinical practice guidelines from the French College of Gynecologists and Obstetricians (CNGOF) journalArticle 2018 Vayssière, Christophe; Gaudineau, Adrien; Attali, Luisa; Bettahar, Karima; Eyraud, Sophie; Faucher, Philippe; Fournet, Patrick; Hassoun, Danielle; Hatchuel, Marie; Jamin, Christian; Letombe, Brigitte; Linet, Teddy; Msika Razon, Marie; Ohanessian, Alexandra; Segain, Hélène; Vigoureux, Solène; Winer, Norbert; Wylomanski, Sophie; Agostini, Aubert
Are synechiae a complication of laparotomic myomectomy? journalArticle 2018 Capmas, Perrine; Pourcelot, Anne-Gaelle; Fernandez, Hervé
Accumulation of unhealthy behaviors: Marked social inequalities in men and women journalArticle 2018 Thebault, Jean-Laurent; Ringa, Virginie; Panjo, Henri; Bloy, Géraldine; Falcoff, Hector; Rigal, Laurent
Psychiatric Comorbidities among People Who Inject Drugs in Hai Phong, Vietnam: The Need for Screening and Innovative Interventions journalArticle 2018 Pham Minh, Khue; Vallo, Roselyne; Duong Thi, Huong; Khuat Thi Hai, Oanh; Jarlais, Don C. Des; Peries, Marianne; Le, Sao Mai; Rapoud, Delphine; Quillet, Catherine; Nham Thi, Tuyet Thanh; Hoang Thi, Giang; Feelemyer, Jonathan; Vu Hai, Vinh; Moles, Jean-Pierre; Pham Thu, Xanh; Laureillard, Didier; Nagot, Nicolas; Michel, Laurent; Study Team, Drive
Validation of the French version of the Functional, Communicative and Critical Health Literacy scale (FCCHL) journalArticle 2018 Ousseine, Youssoufa M.; Rouquette, Alexandra; Bouhnik, Anne-Déborah; Rigal, Laurent; Ringa, Virginie; Smith, Allan ‘Ben’; Mancini, Julien
Excess mortality and hospitalizations in transitional-age youths with a long-term disease: A national population-based cohort study journalArticle 2018 Rachas, Antoine; Tuppin, Philippe; Meyer, Laurence; Falissard, Bruno; Faye, Albert; Mahlaoui, Nizar; de La Rochebrochard, Elise; Frank, Marie; Durieux, Pierre; Warszawski, Josiane
Drugs for Dementia and Excess of Hospitalization: A Longitudinal French Study journalArticle 2018 François, Mathilde; Sicsic, Jonathan; Pelletier Fleury, Nathalie
Surgical implants and business ethics? journalArticle 2018 Cosson, M.; Fernandez, H.
The Use of a Nonprobability Internet Panel to Monitor Sexual and Reproductive Health in the General Population journalArticle 2018 Legleye, Stéphane; Charrance, Géraldine; Razafindratsima, Nicolas; Bajos, Nathalie; Bohet, Aline; Moreau, Caroline; the FECOND research Team
Women’s Benefits and Harms Trade-Offs in Breast Cancer Screening: Results from a Discrete-Choice Experiment journalArticle 2018 Sicsic, Jonathan; Pelletier-Fleury, Nathalie; Moumjid, Nora
Sexual health in the French military: a multidimensional and gendered perspective journalArticle 2018 Duron, Sandrine; Bohet, Aline; Panjo, Henri; Bajos, Nathalie; Migliani, René; Marimoutou, Catherine; Le Strat, Yann; Meynard, Jean Baptiste; Moreau, Caroline
Features of Autoimmune Pancreatitis Associated With Inflammatory Bowel Diseases journalArticle 2018 Lorenzo, Diane; Maire, Frédérique; Stefanescu, Carmen; Gornet, Jean-Marc; Seksik, Philippe; Serrero, Mélanie; Bournet, Barbara; Marteau, Philippe; Amiot, Aurelien; Laharie, David; Trang, Caroline; Coffin, Benoit; Bellaiche, Guy; Cadiot, Guillaume; Reenaers, Catherine; Racine, Antoine; Viennot, Stephanie; Pauwels, Arnaud; Bouguen, Guillaume; Savoye, Guillaume; Pelletier, Anne-Laure; Pineton de Chambrun, Guillaume; Lahmek, Pierre; Nahon, Stéphane; Abitbol, Vered; Abitbol, Vered; Allez, Matthieu; Amiot, Aurelien; Barthet, Marc; Beaugerie, Laurent; Bellaiche, Guy; Bouguen, Guillaume; Bouhnik, Yoram; Bourreille, Arnaud; Bournet, Barbara; Brillault, Gaëlle; Buscail, Louis; Cadiot, Guillaume; Carbonnel, Franck; Chaussade, Stanislas; Coffin, Benoit; Cosnes, Jacques; Delrieu, Violette; Détré, Patricia; Gornet, Jean-Marc; Grimaud, Jean-Charles; Jerber, Laure; Laharie, David; Lahmek, Pierre; Levy, Philippe; Louis, Edouard; Lorenzo, Diane; Maire, Frédérique; Marteau, Philippe; Moreau, Jac
Body mass index and clinical outcomes in trastuzumab-treated metastatic breast cancer patients: An alternative explanation for the lack of association journalArticle 2018 Nabi, Hermann; Diorio, Caroline
What characterizes cancer family history collection tools? A critical literature review journalArticle 2018 Cleophat, J.E.; Nabi, H.; Pelletier, S.; Bouchard, K.; Dorval, M.
Are 3D ultrasound and office hysteroscopy useful for the assessment of uterine cavity after late foetal loss? journalArticle 2018 Thellier, E.; Levaillant, J.-M.; Pourcelot, A.-G.; Houllier, M.; Fernandez, H.; Capmas, P.
Women’s reproductive health knowledge, attitudes and practices in relation to the Zika virus outbreak in northeast Brazil journalArticle 2018 Borges, Ana Luiza Vilela; Moreau, Caroline; Burke, Anne; dos Santos, Osmara Alves; Chofakian, Christiane Borges
What Are the Determinants of Dental Care Expenditures in Institutions for Adults With Disabilities? Findings From a National Survey journalArticle 2018 Naouri, Diane; Bussiere, Clémence; Pelletier-Fleury, Nathalie
Gender-Related Differences in the Control of Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Primary Care for Elderly Patients With Type 2 Diabetes: A Cohort Study journalArticle 2018 Al-Salameh, Abdallah; Bucher, Sophie; Bauduceau, Bernard; Benattar-Zibi, Linda; Berrut, Gilles; Bertin, Philippe; Corruble, Emmanuelle; Danchin, Nicolas; Derumeaux, Geneviève; Doucet, Jean; Falissard, Bruno; Forette, Françoise; Hanon, Olivier; Ourabah, Rissane; Pasquier, Florence; Pinget, Michel; Ringa, Virginie; Becquemont, Laurent
Impacts on health outcomes and on resource utilisation of home-based parenteral chemotherapy administration: a systematic review protocol journalArticle 2018 Mittaine-Marzac, Benedicte; De Stampa, Matthieu; Bagaragaza, Emmanuel; Ankri, Joël; Aegerter, Philippe
Level of agreement between physician and patient assessment of non-medical health factors journalArticle 2018 Casanova, Ludovic; Ringa, Virginie; Chatelard, Sophia; Paquet, Sylvain; Pendola-Luchel, Isabelle; Panjo, Henri; Bideau, Camille; Deflesselle, Eric; Delpech, Raphaëlle; Bloy, Géraldine; Rigal, Laurent
Cross-sectional multicentre study on the cohort of all the French junior lecturers in general practice journalArticle 2018 Barais, Marie; Laporte, Catherine; Schuers, Matthieu; Saint-Lary, Olivier; Frappé, Paul; Dibao-Dina, Clarisse; Darmon, David; Bouchez, Tiphanie; Gelly, Julien
Correction: Excess mortality and hospitalizations in transitional-age youths with a long-term disease: A national population-based cohort study journalArticle 2018 Rachas, Antoine; Tuppin, Philippe; Meyer, Laurence; Falissard, Bruno; Faye, Albert; Mahlaoui, Nizar; Rochebrochard, Elise de La; Frank, Marie; Durieux, Pierre; Warszawski, Josiane
Généralisation de la complémentaire santé d’entreprise: Une évaluation <i>ex ante</i> des gains et des pertes de bien-être journalArticle 2018 Pierre, Aurélie; Jusot, Florence; Raynaud, Denis; Franc, Carine
Management of endometriosis journalArticle 2018 Collinet, P.; Fritel, X.; Revel-Delhom, C.; Ballester, M.; Bolze, P.A.; Borghese, B.; Bornsztein, N.; Boujenah, J.; Brillac, T.; Chabbert-Buffet, N.; Chauffour, C.; Clary, N.; Cohen, J.; Decanter, C.; Denouël, A.; Dubernard, G.; Fauconnier, A.; Fernandez, H.; Gauthier, T.; Golfier, F.; Huchon, C.; Legendre, G.; Loriau, J.; Mathieu-d’Argent, E.; Merlot, B.; Niro, J.; Panel, P.; Paparel, P.; Philip, C.A.; Ploteau, S.; Poncelet, C.; Rabischong, B.; Roman, H.; Rubod, C.; Santulli, P.; Sauvan, M.; Thomassin-Naggara, I.; Torre, A.; Wattier, J.M.; Yazbeck, C.; Bourdel, N.; Canis, M.
Female and male decision-making regarding whether to continue or abort an unintended pregnancy: a secondary analysis of the FECOND study journalArticle 2018 Lee, Jessica K.; Burke, Anne E.; Moreau, Caroline
Traitement médical de l’endométriose douloureuse sans infertilité, RPC Endométriose CNGOF-HAS journalArticle 2018 Sauvan, M.; Chabbert-Buffet, N.; Canis, M.; Collinet, P.; Fritel, X.; Geoffron, S.; Legendre, G.; Wattier, J.-M.; Fernandez, H.
Accuracy of fetal fibronectin for the prediction of preterm birth in symptomatic twin pregnancies: a pilot study journalArticle 2018 Fuchs, Florent; Lefevre, Clémentine; Senat, Marie-Victoire; Fernandez, Hervé
Personality and breast cancer screening in women of the GAZEL cohort study journalArticle 2018 Lemogne, Cédric; Turinici, Monica; Panjo, Henri; Ngo, Charlotte; Canoui-Poitrine, Florence; Chauvet-Gelinier, Jean-Christophe; Limosin, Frédéric; Consoli, Silla M.; Goldberg, Marcel; Zins, Marie; Ringa, Virginie
Acétate d’Ulipristal et SPRM : une nouvelle entité pour définir de nouvelles stratégies thérapeutiques pour les fibromes symptomatiques journalArticle 2018 Fernandez, H.
The TRKB rs2289656 genetic polymorphism is associated with acute suicide attempts in depressed patients: A transversal case control study journalArticle 2018 Deflesselle, Eric; Colle, Romain; Rigal, Laurent; David, Denis J.; Vievard, Albane; Martin, Séverine; Becquemont, Laurent; Verstuyft, Céline; Corruble, Emmanuelle
Prevalence and risk factors of sexually transmitted infections among French service members journalArticle 2018 Duron, Sandrine; Panjo, Henri; Bohet, Aline; Bigaillon, Christine; Sicard, Sébastien; Bajos, Nathalie; Meynard, Jean-Baptiste; Mérens, Audrey; Moreau, Caroline
The impact of manual rotation of the occiput posterior position on spontaneous vaginal delivery rate: study protocol for a randomized clinical trial (RMOS) journalArticle 2018 Verhaeghe, C.; Parot-Schinkel, E.; Bouet, P. E.; Madzou, S.; Biquard, F.; Gillard, P.; Descamps, P.; Legendre, G.
Letter to the Editor/Comments on “Endometrial cancer after ulipristal acetate for uterine fibroma” by Ignatov et al. Eur J Obstet Gynecol Reprod Biol 2017; Dec;219:134 journalArticle 2018 Chabbert-Buffet, N.; Bergeron, C.; Daraï, E.; Fernandez, H.