Publications pour l'équipe Economie de la santé

Titre Publication Type Publication year Auteur
What are the determinants of dental care expenditures in institutions for adults with disabilities? Findings from a National Survey journalArticle 2018 Naouri, Diane; Bussiere, Clémence; Pelletier-Fleury, Nathalie
Women's Benefits and Harms Trade-Offs in Breast Cancer Screening: Results from a Discrete-Choice Experiment journalArticle 2018 Sicsic, Jonathan; Pelletier-Fleury, Nathalie; Moumjid, Nora
Cross-sectional multicentre study on the cohort of all the French junior lecturers in general practice journalArticle 2018 Barais, Marie; Laporte, Catherine; Schuers, Matthieu; Saint-Lary, Olivier; Frappé, Paul; Dibao-Dina, Clarisse; Darmon, David; Bouchez, Tiphanie; Gelly, Julien
Drugs for Dementia and Excess of Hospitalization: A Longitudinal French Study journalArticle 2018 François, Mathilde; Sicsic, Jonathan; Pelletier Fleury, Nathalie
General Practitioner trainers prescribe fewer antibiotics in primary care: Evidence from France journalArticle 2018 Devillers, Louise; Sicsic, Jonathan; Delbarre, Angelique; Le Bel, Josselin; Ferrat, Emilie; Saint Lary, Olivier
TIER competency-based training course for the first receivers of CBRN casualties: a European perspective journalArticle 2017 Djalali, Ahmadreza; Della Corte, Francesco; Segond, Frederique; Metzger, Marie-Helene; Gabilly, Laurent; Grieger, Fiene; Larrucea, Xabier; Violi, Christian; Lopez, Cédric; Arnod-Prin, Philippe; Ingrassia, Pier L.
Souffrance au travail : première consultation ? journalArticle 2017 Despreaux, T.; Saint-Lary, O.; Danzin, F.; Descatha, A.
Impact assessment of a pay-for-performance program on breast cancer screening in France using micro data journalArticle 2017 Sicsic, Jonathan; Franc, Carine
Use of emergency department electronic medical records for automated epidemiological surveillance of suicide attempts: a French pilot study journalArticle 2017 Metzger, Marie-Hélène; Tvardik, Nastassia; Gicquel, Quentin; Bouvry, Côme; Poulet, Emmanuel; Potinet-Pagliaroli, Véronique
Trends in Drug Prescription Rates for Dementia: An Observational Population-Based Study in France, 2006-2014 journalArticle 2017 François, Mathilde; Sicsic, Jonathan; Elbaz, Alexis; Pelletier Fleury, Nathalie