Depression, Anxiety, Psychotraumatism and Suicide: From bench to bedside and general population

Depression, anxiety, psychotrauma and suicide are major public health priorities, that are intricated.

The MOODS project aims at decreasing suffering, disability, mortality and costs due to depression, anxiety, psychotrauma and suicide. This project is a major public health research challenge.

Our objective is to improve the comprehension, prevention and treatment of depression, anxiety, psychotrauma and suicide, through an inter-disciplinary approach, that could identify adequate phenotypes, relevant biomarkers and therapeutic strategies in this field, with a special focus on age and gender.

To address these aims, we will take advantage of tools and experience developed by the pre-clinical, clinical and general population components of the team: animal models, pre-existing cohorts of depressed patients and pre-existing cohorts of the CESP.

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The MOODS team is a multidisciplinary team with preclinical (neurosciences, pharmacology), clinical (psychiatry, child psychiatry, psychology, pharmacology, geriatry), anthropology, epidemiology and public health expertises.

The MOODS team comprises 70 members, of whom 14 PU, 17 HDR, 4 MCU, 1 INSERM CR and 1 ingeneer.

The team is affiliated to Paris- Saclay University (Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Pharmacy), Antilles University and La Réunion University, and also to Paris-Saclay University-Hospital Group, Assistance Publique des Hôpitaux de Paris, to Martinique University-Hospital Center and To La Reunion University-Hospital Center.


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Laboratoire de Neuropharmacologie Faculté de Pharmacie, Université Paris Sud

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